Earth Day the Comfortable Way

Earth Day the Comfortable Way

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Spring is in full bloom, which means it’s time to wake up your garden for another year of bounty and splendor. The first few weeks of gardening require tons of planning and hard work in hopes of long-lasting scenery and/or a plentiful harvest. Indoors or outdoors, this first stage asks a lot more than routine watering, potentially hours of tilling, potting, and feeding the plants that will last the sunny side of the year. So this Earth Day (4/22), what better time to take those first steps and get the most out of your little slice of the planet.

Checking Off Botanical Boxes

The excerpt of Earth we call home looks a little different for everyone, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t fundamentals for maximizing the productivity of your plants. The obvious, sunlight and water must be available, but it’s equally important to get to know your plants. While you may want your rosemary next to the mangoes, wild orchids, and cacti, all plants are accustomed to very different conditions and should be treated as such. For diverse ecosystems in limited space, individual potting allows for variable soil types, drainage, and positioning on any surface. With the extra work comes near limitless potential to meet each plant’s requirements for success, especially if you have a workspace that’s up to the task.

The Best Mats on Earth

Personal fruit farms to indoor hydroponics, little florists to large scale landscaping, spring is the time to quite literally plant the seeds of a flourishing garden. If that first step means hours at your potting bench, or tending to rows of seedlings in your nursery, then We Sell Mats is ready to make it more comfortable. Creature comforts like anti-fatigue rubber-top mats are a joint-healthy way to stand in place for hours while heavy-duty PVC and Garage Grip mats are easy-to-clean flooring for sheds and businesses that see a lot of soil.

No matter how you garden, any environment that takes care of you the way you take care of it is a win-win for planet Earth.

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