Driving Sales the Safe Way at Your Next Tradeshow

Driving Sales the Safe Way at Your Next Tradeshow

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While the world is at a midpoint between lockdown and normalcy, and initiative is being taken towards face coverings and social distancing, gatherings are deemed safe enough for tradeshow season to be back on track. Even if your tradeshow schedule is weighted towards next spring, the way events operate is going to be different for some time. For businesses seeking the considerable returns exhibitions offer, redeveloping the booth from the ground up in the name of health compliance is going to be crucial for driving in-person sales this tradeshow season.

Social Distancing Yourself from the Competition

As you may have noticed at your favorite reopened restaurant or retailer, responsible foot traffic centers around three concepts: distance, direction, and details. We’ve known for months that a 6-foot distance between others is a smart way to stop germ transmission in its tracks, so be sure to allow enough open space in your display to keep patrons safe, perhaps at the expense of squeezing in more products.

This philosophy continues into how guests should move through your booth. Just about every building you visit nowadays has stickers or tape to limit the crossing of paths between customers by moving them in one direction. Differentiating a path from the rest of your allotted floorspace is easy to do while also communicating your brand’s commitment to safety to prospective clientele.

Protecting guests on a personal scale comes down to how well you signal the cleanliness standards currently in place. Requiring/providing face-coverings and hand sanitizer, in tandem with frequent cleaning by your staff, establishes a baseline level of health accommodation that allows attendees to focus on deals, not fear.

Health-Conscious Flooring that gets All Up in Your Business

Before tradeshow season gets into full swing, overprepare for health guidelines while displaying your brand at its best with the use of We Sell Mats interlocking foam tiles. With wood print, carpet-top, and countless colors to choose from, our mats are sure to match your company’s style. Our easy-to-clean tiles are great for accommodating safety precautions, and creating a walkway through your booth is as easy as switching out a path of tiles for a different color.

We Sell Mats hopes your company has a safe and successful tradeshow season, be sure to check out more ways to evolve your business.

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