Dojo Flooring that’s Black Belt Worthy

Dojo Flooring that’s Black Belt Worthy

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Martial arts are all about extreme discipline,intense focus, and of course —the occasional impact. It is a craft that takes years to master, as your mind and body may quite literally take a beating. Not only are martial arts demanding on those who practice it, but for every time someone is taken to the ground, your dojo also feels it. That’s why martial arts aren’t perfected just anywhere, a good dojo must accommodate near constant impact from sensei and student alike, and those looking to build one should plan accordingly if they want to make it master-worthy.

Floors that Won’t Fight You

Of all the elements that make up a proper training hall for martial arts, probably none are more important than everyone’s first sparring partner, the floor. A good dojo floor must provide plenty of grip and feedback for those cats to move as fast as lightning, but it also has to be forgiving enough for when those cats eventually get taken to the ground.

When it comes to choosing a material for your floor,it is crucial to find balance between responsiveness and leniency, such as the impact profile of a dense foam.



Mats On, Cash Off

The design of dojos and other training halls is one that is deeply rooted in eastern history. While traditional tatami floors made from interwoven straw can be traced back hundreds of years, they aren’t exactly the most cost-effective option for the modern training facility. That’s where We Sell Mats come in to offer an expandable flooring option for professional dojos with a familiar tatami texture.

It hasn’t been an easy year for the dojos that belong to businesses centered around sharing the physical knowledge that is martial arts, but when things do go back to normal, We Sell Mats is proud to offer a surface you and your students can trust.

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