Ditch the Playroom Carpet: Opt for EVA Foam Mats Instead

Ditch the Playroom Carpet: Opt for EVA Foam Mats Instead

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If you have young children, they are sure to have a play space in your home. Whether it’s a fully dedicated playroom or some other space, consider EVA foam mats for a cleaner, healthier surface for kids to play on. They need a soft and sturdy surface. Carpets trap dirt, dander and other allergens, keeping them in close proximity to your children when they engage in play. Even though carpet can feel nice, it is harder to clean and take care of making it less than ideal for a child’s play space.

EVA Foam Floor Mats Are the Ideal Solution

EVA Foam Floor Mats from We Sell Mats are simple to install, easy to clean and are able to take anything your kids can dish out. The standard mats are 2’ x 2’ and come with finished edge pieces. Piece them together on a hard surface, apply the edge pieces, and you have a soft, sturdy, easily maintained surface for the kids to play on!

Easy to Clean and Maintain

No worries when it comes to a little dirt or spills! Our EVA Foam Floor Mats are easy to keep clean. Simply sweep the dirt off or wipe down with a wet cloth and air dry. These foam mats are also easily interchangeable, so if one is damaged, it is easy to replace!

Non-Toxic and Lead Free

Parents love that our EVA Foam Floor Mats are non-toxic and free from latex, lead, and phthalates. Definitely a cleaner solution than carpeting! They’re made from water-resistant foam, so you don’t have to worry about mold or bacteria from moisture. 

Versatile and Fun!

Our EVA Foam Floor Mats come in a variety of colors and thicknesses so you can choose the right one for your family. Mix and match colors for even more fun! Match your home’s decor or go for a fun color scheme that your kids will love. You can also opt for the Forest Floor Printed Foam Mats in wood grain patterns. They look like real wood but are much more comfortable to walk and play on.

Transform your child’s play area into a cleaner, safer environment with EVA Foam Floor Mats from We Sell Mats. They are a healthier option than traditional carpeting, featuring non-toxic foam. They are also easy to clean and maintain while providing a soft, sturdy surface for play.

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