Discover Fun Family Fitness Routines

Discover Fun Family Fitness Routines

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Fitness can be fun for the whole family with the right routine and equipment. At We Sell Mats, we make it easy to turn your garage or basement into a home gym with a variety of exercise mats and interlocking foam floor tiles. Once you have your space set up, gather the family together and try one of the routines below to get you started.

Start a Friendly Competition

A little friendly competition is a good way to connect. Set a timer for 30 seconds and see how many burpees you can do. Try doing wall sits and see who can hold it the longest.

How about a friendly push up competition? Just make sure to keep proper form to prevent injury, and check out our 2 x 6 Personal Exercise Mat to make it a little easier.

Follow the Leader

Choose a family member to be the leader. The leader comes up with a mini exercise routine on the spot and leads the “class.” Kids always enjoy an opportunity to tell their parents what to do! Then switch it up and choose a different family member. This is a good opportunity for parents to teach young children proper form on classic exercises like push ups and planks.

Roll the Dice

The internet has lots of variations for this game. Feel free to look up one that works for your family, or get creative and make up your own. Roll the die and see what number it lands on. Then perform that amount of a specific exercise. For example, 3 sit-ups, 6 mountain climbers, etc.

Working out with older kids? Use 2 dice to complete more reps. Play as many rounds as you like!

Dance Party!

There is nothing like a good dance party. Kids love dancing to music, so introduce them to songs you like and mix them in with songs that they like. Dancing is a fun way to burn calories. Bonus calories are burned from laughing a lot too! Why not enhance your room with some colorful mats to make it even more fun?

Not ready to commit to the dance party? You can also play music in the background during your family workout time. Appoint someone to the role of DJ and switch off periodically to mix things up.

Whatever your family likes doing together, fitness is a great way to promote healthy lifelong habits. From friendly competition to dancing it out, you’re sure to find a  family fitness routine that everyone can enjoy.

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