Decorations that are as Soft as They are Spooky

Decorations that are as Soft as They are Spooky

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It’s that time of year, where houses trade their everyday presentation for more frightful decorations. Whether its welcoming trick-or-treaters or simply embracing the spookiest time of the year, decorating the façade of your home is one of the best parts of Halloween. While some homeowners enjoy going all out with intricate pieces and elaborate light displays, it may not be the most accommodating if you know any of the local ghouls and goblins have a sensory processing disorder. Changing the way you decorate to serve the sensory susceptible is easy, and it’s a thoughtful way to make Halloween fun for everyone.

One Material Fits All

Sensory processing disorders are often difficult to navigate, as no two cases are the same. But for the most part, the gentler and softer the better; abrasive and intense sensations such as flashing lights, sudden noises, and rough faux webs are known to cause discomfort in those affected. One material that’s very sensory friendly and customizable to your imagination’s content is EVA foam. Usually seen on the floor of a workout space or playroom, EVA foam is very popular in rooms designed for the sensory vulnerable and equally simple to cut into ghosts, bats, black cats, or any other classic Halloween character.

Start the Sensory-Safe Spookfest Soon

If you’re ready to begin building your perfect décor for your Halloween party, whatever that may look like this year, We Sell Mats has a wide selection of EVA foam tiles in classic Halloween colors to inspire awesome accommodating festive accoutrements that are sensory safe and easy to disinfect. Decorations made from EVA foam are great for both sophisticated setups and last-minute additions that work best indoors, or outdoors for limited spans of time.

We hope you enjoy using sensory safe foam to prepare for a Halloween that everyone can enjoy. Check out more ways inspire more forgiving frights.

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