Creating the Ultimate Tailgate Experience

Creating the Ultimate Tailgate Experience

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Tailgating is more than just grilling a couple of hotdogs before the big game. It’s become a pre-game ritual and an American tradition, bringing friends and families together to enjoy each other's company and hospitality. This summer, we think it's time to take your tailgate to the next level of comfort and style with a quick and inexpensive upgrade to your flooring.


Ditch the asphalt in exchange for our easy-to-transport interlocking foam flooring tiles. Our high quality foam flooring mats and tiles are incredibly durable and comfortable, transforming any parking lot into a comfortable and inviting space for you and your fellow fans. Let's explore how you can utilize these foam flooring tiles to upgrade your tailgate experience.


Create a Solid Foundation

The first step is to create a solid and clean surface for your tailgate setup. We Sell Mats foam flooring tiles are easy to assemble and provide a stable foundation, protecting your guests from uneven terrain or wet ground. Simply lay them down to create a level surface that is resistant to moisture and dirt.


Comfortable Seating Area

Tailgating often involves hours of standing and mingling. Enhance the comfort of your guests by creating a designated seating area using the foam flooring tiles. Arrange the tiles in a rectangular or square shape and add foldable chairs, bean bags, or cushions to create a cozy space where everyone can relax and enjoy the festivities.

Comfortable folding chair 

Safety and Easy Cleanup

Accidents happen, especially during enthusiastic game-day celebrations. We Sell Mats foam flooring tiles offer a cushioned surface that can help prevent injuries caused by slips and falls. Additionally, these tiles are easy to clean, as they are water-resistant and can be quickly wiped down or hosed off, ensuring a hassle-free cleanup after the tailgate party.


Customization and Team Spirit

We offer a range of colors and finishes for our foam flooring tiles, allowing you to showcase your team spirit. Choose tiles in your team's colors or mix and match to create a unique pattern that represents your fandom. Learn more about custom printing options!


Elevate your events this summer and get ready for a season of fun with foam flooring tiles from We Sell Mats.


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