Create Fun and Inviting Spaces for Open Play

Create Fun and Inviting Spaces for Open Play

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Open play gives children the opportunity to use their imagination and engage in play without guided instruction. It’s a great way for children to play independently or with other kids. Designing a space for open play can be done easily with some help from We Sell Mats. Choose from a variety of colorful, interactive mats and play pieces to create a fun and inviting space for open play.


Below are a few of the best places to implement an open play space, and some tips on how to get started.


Community Centers

Community centers usually offer periods of open gym/open play sessions for children. Create an obstacle course for the kids to work their way through! Start with a balance beam from We Sell Mats. They come in two different sizes and a variety of different colors; plus they fold up for easy storage.

Girl on balance beam 

Next, add a tumbling octagon. They come in three different sizes and two different color schemes. Complete the obstacle course with a cheese wedge incline mat. These come in three different sizes, including a preschool size, and 3 different color schemes. Mix in a few other items like colorful cones and spot markers to create a more complex course. An obstacle course is a great way for children to engage their mind and body in play!


Schools and Daycare Centers

Schools and daycare centers need an indoor play space for inclement weather days when outdoor play isn’t feasible. Whether your play space is large or small, you can incorporate fun items from We Sell Mats that fold up for easy storage.


Kids of all ages will enjoy playing with our cheese wedge incline mats and tumbling octagons. If your play space is more permanent than temporary, consider using foam floor tiles for a soft and colorful base. These come in a wide array of colors and even faux wood grain. Create an environment for open play and see imagination come to life!


Church and Social Groups

Churches and social groups can also benefit from open play spaces. Foam floor tiles from We Sell Mats are great for nurseries and young child care rooms.


With soft and colorful flooring as the base, you can add toys and books to enhance playtime. Incorporate a folding exercise mat for another layer of soft and durable play space. These also come in bright colors, a variety of sizes, and can easily be folded up for storage. Both foam floor tiles and exercise mats can be easily cleaned and messes can be quickly wiped up.


Whether you are creating a play space for a community center, a school or a social group, We Sell Mats offers a variety of engaging play items that will lead to a fun environment for kids. Bright colors, different shapes and sizes contribute to open-ended play, engaging the mind and body. Get busy designing your space today!

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