Crafting the Ultimate Setup for Drive-In Movies

Crafting the Ultimate Setup for Drive-In Movies

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Between statewide shelter-in-place orders and shutdown businesses, getting the chance to spend quality leisure time in the community is exceedingly rare. What were once a staple of a night out on the town, movie theaters have taken a critical blow to business on account of their potential to congregate people in a quantity deemed unsafe by the pandemic.

In lieu of the restricted demand for movie theaters, an American classic has seen an intense increase in popularity; countless small, often family-owned drive-in theaters across the country have been the saving grace of mid-pandemic enjoyment of older films, stand-up comedians, and even musical performances. Regardless of the occasion for your drive-in outing, the experience is only as enjoyable as you make it, and the right amenities can be a game-changer.


Getting the Most out of Your Vehicle

While any vehicle can get you to the drive-in, select types such as trucks, vans, SUVs allow you the largest blank canvas on which you can craft your theater-going masterpiece. However, while pickup trucks, minivans, and SUVs are great for hauling lumber and Swedish build-it-yourself furniture, they aren’t the most comfortable to lay on the floor of to watch a movie through the open tailgate. In this situation, most people reach for an old mattress to cushion the floor but in reality, mattresses are too bulky and rarely sit properly in your vehicle.

One solution for cargo floor comfort that is regularly overlooked is the exercise mats that are in your home gym. Not only are they designed to absorb pressure from your body, but they are far lighter and far thinner than a dingy old mattress, plus mats that are wrapped in vinyl are easier to clean should you spill any of the snacks or beverages, which we also recommend bringing.


Stock Up Before the Show Starts

There’s lots to see at your local drive-in as more and more performers are scheduling tour stops to the theater near you, so why not begin outfitting your car with the best in floor comfort, courtesy of We Sell Mats. Interlocking EVA tiles and folding exercise mats make for a comfy floor in the back of any vehicle and a small gymnastics wedge can provide the perfect reclined position for enjoying the show.

As always during this challenging time, ensure that leaving your home is a smart decision with respect to your loved ones, and if you do make it out to your local drive-in theater, we hope you have a comfortable experience.

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