Controlling Kids' Allergies

Controlling Kids' Allergies

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According to the Center for Disease Control, allergic conditions are among the most common medical condition affecting children in the United States. Some kids become hypersensitive to things in their environments like food or pollen that trigger allergic reactions. Hay fever, the most common respiratory allergy, is a reaction to small particulates that our kids breathe. Obviously the air outdoors will contain many respiratory allergens, but so can our family rooms, our kids’ bedrooms, and their playrooms. To cut back on the irritants in these areas, the Asthma and Allergy foundation makes several recommendations for controlling the air quality in your home.

In a nutshell: control indoor allergens. Dust mites, animal dander, and cockroaches all supply our indoors with potential allergy triggers in addition to the pollen coming in from outside. They settle into anything that will hold them: thick carpets, upholstered furniture, and drapes and curtains.  Vacuuming regularly can help keep these triggers at bay, but an even more effective approach is to remove the things in the home that can trap and harbor the triggers. We want our kids to be comfortable in their bedrooms and play areas, but that lovely thick carpeting could be hiding allergens. But even the most frequent vacuuming can’t eliminate dust mites living deep in thick-piled carpeting. Switching the flooring surface in the kids’ rooms is one solution, but how do you control allergens and provide a comfortable play area at the same time?

A colorful, pleasant and simple solution is the EVA mat system. Our 3/8″ mats come in bright solids, wood grain, and even alphabet tiles to make a bedroom or playroom inviting and cozy. Our foam-backed carpet tiles provide a low-pile, easy-to-vacuum solution to the allergen-harboring alternative. Anti-fatigue mats provide comfort, support, and an aesthetic quality kids will enjoy for years. In fact, it’s conceivable the mats will outlast the need for a playroom! Eliminate the allergens, provide a fun, comfortable play space, and watch your kids grow up happy and healthy – every parent’s dream!

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