Cheerleading Equipment for At-Home Practice

Cheerleading Equipment for At-Home Practice

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School is back in session, and teams across the nation are gearing up for the fall athletics season, both to compete and to cheer from the sidelines.

If you’ve got a cheerleading fanatic in your household, we’ve got the at-home cheer practice equipment they need to safely sharpen their skills anywhere they go. Whether they’re cheering from the sidelines at their school’s basketball or football game or preparing for a big cheer competition, our cheerleading mats can make preparing for the big game or competition possible long after cheer practice ends.

Top Rated At-Home Cheer Equipment

Crash Mats

It is reported that 66 percent of all catastrophic injuries in either high school or college female athletes happen due to cheerleading accidents. Between the dangerous stunts, flips, and fast-paced routines, your cheerleader needs to have the right kind of support to help them nail the move or land safely in the event of a fall. That’s why one of our most recommended pieces of at-home cheer equipment is the Jovian™ inflatable tumbling mat.

The Jovian™ inflatable tumbling mat provides a sturdy yet forgiving surface your cheerleader can count on to safely and confidently practice stunts, flips, and tumbling skills. Inflatable tumbling mats vary in 4”, 8”, and 12” thicknesses, multiple lengths, and extra-wide styles to help your cheerleader run, leap, flip, and jump higher with the confidence knowing their inflatable tumbling mat can handle their high-impact routines without compromising their safety or footing.

If your space allows, you can create an even bigger practice area by connecting multiple inflatable tumbling mats with the Jovian™ air connectors, which feature hook and loop fasteners to secure mats in place. Don’t have a dedicated practice space to keep the inflatable at-home cheer equipment set up? No sweat! These mats inflate and deflate in minutes, making setup and storage simple.

If you are a gym owner looking to add inflatable tumbling mats to your space, our JOVIAN™ AIR PRO XR inflatable mats are perfect. These are the widest mats and available in 2 lengths: 16 foot and 20 foot. They are sure to hold up to regular use in a gym environment. Keep them inflated, or deflate them as needed to make space for other equipment or practice needs.

Tumbling Mats

What is an at-home cheer equipment setup without traditional tumbling mats? Tumbling mats are excellent pieces of at-home cheer equipment your cheerleader can use for everything from pre-routine stretches and tumbling skills or incorporate with their inflatable tumbling mats for extra space to practice their routine.

Both the 4’x6’ tumbling mats and 4’x8’ tumbling mats are available in several colors and multi-color options and feature handy hook and loop fasteners for fast and secure connection of one tumbling mat to another. You can also opt-in for larger 5’x10’ tumbling mats if your space allows. Whichever tumbling mats you choose to add to your at-home cheer equipment collection, you can rest assured they will fold up and transport easily for on-the-go practice or to simply save space in your home.

Crash Pads

Last but certainly not least, crash pads. Your goal is to keep your child safe from injury, and the We Sell Mats™ medium and small crash pads can help do just that. Designed with a 4” thick sponge-core foam padding and convenient side handles for easy carrying, our crash pads offer the space-saving solution to knee, wrist, elbow, and back protection for your hard-working cheerleader. They can flip, tumble, and stick the landing in confidence knowing they’ve got a super soft and cushioned landing pad to rely on, helping them practice to the best of their ability.

No matter what sport, team, or competition your cheerleader is gearing up for, We Sell Mats™ makes it easy to find the safe and reliable at-home cheer equipment they need to perfect their skills for the big day. Shop today and discover the cheerleading and fitness mats to keep the entire family moving in comfort and style. 

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