Faux-wood foam flooring with fall decor

Welcome Fall with Cozy Flooring Options

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Fall marks cooler weather, shorter days, and more time spent inside. It also means that many people are swapping their bright summer decor for more muted options that offer a cozy, warm feeling. Floral scented candles are being swapped for pumpkin spice and woodsy candles, we’re turning up our heaters and lighting our fireplaces. One area that is super easy to update that makes a huge difference is your flooring! And no, we’re not saying it’s time to rip up your old floors and install new ones. Instead, we suggest using wood grain printed foam tiles for a seamless, temporary, and cozy flooring option this fall.

Our Coziest Flooring Options for Fall 

When choosing fall flooring options, consider the warmth of the floor choice. Rich red undertones, dark woodsy elements, and soft colors all welcome in fall. If warmer floors aren’t your favorite, choosing a gray option and contrasting it with a warm area rug is a great option for year-round usage. Read on below for some of our favorite wood grain flooring options for fall. 

Mahogany Forest Floor® Printed Foam Mats

Our mahogany wood grain floor mats offer a vibrant color with notes of red, brown, and yellow undertones. The printed wood pattern features slim planks, giving it a Victorian-era look, as opposed to the wide planks that are popular today. 

Walnut Forest Floor® Printed Foam Mats

Walnuts are often used in baking during fall and winter, from walnut pumpkin bread or banana bread to walnut brownies, these baking nuts have a soft texture and buttery taste. But walnut trees display the opposite characteristics. Walnut wood is strong and durable, with colors ranging from warm vanilla to deep chocolate. Our walnut wood grain floor tiles fall into the latter category, with a neutral chocolatey hue that is perfect for sipping hot cocoa around the fireplace. 

White Oak Forest Floor® Printed Foam Mats

Our white oak printed floor tiles are a lighter option that still provides plenty of depth and warmth to any room. With slightly yellow undertones, white oak is prized for its strength and durability, and represents wisdom and tenacity. These wood grain floor tiles make the perfect addition to any home this fall. 

Weathered Fence Gray Forest Floor® Farmhouse Collection Printed Foam Mats

From our special farmhouse flooring collection, our weathered gray printed floor tiles offer an ashen, stained look without being too harsh. Perfect for homes with a farmhouse vibe, these gray wood floor tiles can be used as-is, or decorated with a fall-themed throw rug and other accessories. 

How to Use Our Foam Tiles this Fall

When adding a touch of fall to your home with interlocking foam tiles from We Sell Mats®, you have a few options. You can either lay the mats over your existing floors to give your entire room a facelift, or you can create a focal area dedicated to fall decor. If creating a focal area, we recommend making it large enough to do fall-friendly activities like reading by the fireplace, knitting, sitting on the floor for family movie night, or using it for extra cushion at your baking station. 

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