Bungee Workout Equipment Essentials

Bungee Workout Equipment Essentials

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Bungee workouts are a relatively new and unique fitness routine that enables participants to perform acrobatic-style cardiovascular exercises. Whether at home or in a bungee fitness studio, people are incorporating yoga, pilates, dance, and acrobatics in a whole new way–by sitting in a harness, attaching themselves to bungees, and soaring around the room while getting an effective workout. Discover what bungee workout equipment is needed to do this beneficial and enjoyable form of exercise.

Bungee Workout Equipment You Need for a Bungee Class

Considering opening a bungee studio? Looking to build a bungee gym at home? No matter your plans, performing a bungee workout requires bungee workout equipment essentials. Here is a list of the bungee workout equipment you need for a bungee class.

Bungee Workout Equipment: The Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are essential to bungee fitness. You need bungee cords to do all the flips and twists you've heard about. Each participant requires a bungee cord set up to perform various exercise routines. Bungee cords have different elasticities, and the more elastic a cord has, the stronger it is and the more resistance it provides. The number of bungee cords required will depend on the number and weight of participants.

Bungee Workout Equipment: The Bungee Harness

The bungee harness is also essential to a proper bungee workout. The harness safely and securely keeps participants attached to the bungee cords. It allows bungee fitness enthusiasts to perform each exercise without crashing to the floor or hitting a neighbor, creating an environment where everyone can exercise safely and creatively.

Bungee Workout Equipment: The Ceiling Mount and Carabiners

A professional should install ceiling mounts in your home or gym. Please note that each manufacturer's maximum load capacity is different. A professional installer will consider the space structure and distance between mounts to ensure safety for all bungee fitness participants. Ceiling mounts are attached to bungee cords using a carabiner. The carabiners enable the bungee cords to expand and contract while allowing movement during the workout.

Bungee Workout Equipment: The 360-Degree Swivel

The 360-degree swivel enables participants to do bungee exercises with no limitations regarding rotation. Twist and spin freely with a 360-degree swivel that’s placed between two bungee cords for optimal movement.

Bungee Workout Equipment: The Daisy Chain and Bungee Slings

The daisy chain is also referred to as an extension strap. It enables you to adjust the height of the bungee workout equipment to meet the needs of all participants. Additionally, the bungee sling is a device with a swaying rope used to reduce the individual's weight load. The slings assist with balance and are often used for stability when performing new moves.

Bungee Workout Equipment: The Flooring

Don’t overlook the importance of flooring when installing a bungee workout space in your gym or at home. Like the flooring in traditional gyms, floors used for bungee workouts will take a lot of pressure. We Sell Mats™ offers a wide variety of bungee fitness flooring solutions that provide optimal durability, cleanliness, and maintenance.


The flooring used for bungee workouts is bound to get dirty, sweaty, and possibly damaged. Combat these obstacles with flooring that withstands wear and pressure from multiple classes a day. Used in all types of gyms, Rubber Gym Flooring Mats are as tough as they come. Additionally, VÉLOTAS® PVC Fitness Floor Tiles are heavy-duty and can handle the job for years to come.


Your bungee fitness space will encounter a lot of sweat and maybe even a few tears, depending on the class leader. Being able to quickly clean the floor after each class is a simple and sanitary solution. At We Sell Mats,™ all of our flooring options are easy to clean, regardless of which flooring you choose.


Accidents happen, and when they do, having the right flooring that’s economically friendly and easy to repair is key. Heavy Duty PVC Flooring Tiles are an excellent way to complete your bungee workout space. Because these tiles are interlocking, it is easy to replace a single tile should an accident ruin or compromise the integrity of one.

Shop all of our gym flooring solutions to ensure you have the bungee workout equipment essentials you need to try bungee fitness!

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