Bungee Fitness: What You Need For Bungee Workouts At Home

Bungee Fitness: What You Need For Bungee Workouts At Home

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Move over pilates, yoga, and gymnastics… there is a new workout in town: sling bungee fitness. Bungee fitness is taking the fitness industry by storm, as studios are popping up in cities and homes. Read on to discover the bungee fitness equipment you need to do bungee workouts at your house.

What is Bungee Fitness?

Bungee fitness incorporates pilates, dance, yoga, and acrobatic moves to create a fun and fulfilling workout with a whole new twist. It enables participants to strengthen and tone their bodies while performing a unique fitness routine. Elastic bungee cords are attached to participants’ backs using a carabiner and 360-degree swivel. A harness keeps bungee fitness enthusiasts safe and secure while performing flips and aerobic tricks. Bungee workouts are an excellent way for anyone to enjoy a resistance workout while experimenting with new moves. Sling bungee fitness strengthens muscles while keeping participants entertained and excited to break a sweat.

Bungee Fitness Equipment for At-Home Workouts

Demanding schedules, long days at the office, and family priorities are only a few of the reasons you might not be able to make it to a bungee studio. Fortunately, with the right bungee fitness equipment, you can conduct your very own bungee fitness workouts at home. Here are the seven pieces of bungee fitness equipment you need to get started.

1. Bungee Cords

What would a bungee workout be without the bungee cords? Bungee cords come in varying degrees of elastic thickness. Because there are different strength bungee cords, check with the manufacturer's specifications to ensure you get the proper cords. Ideally, you should be able to stand flat-footed when clipped into the bungee, and the cord should provide support.

2. Ceiling Mount

Bungee cords are attached to a ceiling mount using a carabiner. To ensure the ceiling mount is installed correctly, consult with a licensed contractor or professional rigger. Please check with the manufacturer's maximum load capacity for the mount and be advised that the minimum ceiling height recommended for bungee fitness routines is 9 feet, although 10-12 feet-tall ceilings are ideal.

3. Carabiners

Both the ceiling mount and harness are attached using carabiners. Bounce safely and securely using bungee fitness carabiners with auto-lock for optimal safety and performance.

4. 360-Degree Swivel

Spin freely and easily with a 360-degree swivel. With the freedom of 360 degrees, you can master all the bungee fitness moves in your home.

5. Bungee Slings

The bungee slings help adjust the bungees for body balance and are often used for stability when performing new sling bungee fitness moves.

6. Daisy Chain

Also referred to as an extension strap, the daisy chain allows for height adjustment. Nevertheless, you may still need to use a small step stool to clip into the bungee.

7. Bungee Harness

Without the safety and security of a bungee harness, defying gravity and performing bungee fitness routines would not be possible. Make sure your harness fits you perfectly so that you feel safe and secure while performing your workouts.

Bungee Fitness Flooring for At-Home Workouts

Bungee fitness at home should be approached with caution, and creating a safe and reliable space for your workouts is essential. The floors where you perform bungee fitness exercises should be suitable for the activity. We Sell Mats™ has the best fitness flooring for bungee workouts.

Our Rubber Gym Flooring Mats for bungee workouts are comfortable, resilient, and easy to clean and repair when needed. Rubber top gym floor tiles provide a durable surface for bungee workouts while protecting your flooring surfaces. The high-density EVA foam is an economical solution for your new bungee fitness studio at home.

Interlocking PVC Flooring Tiles are also a great choice for bungee workouts at home. Offered in smooth or coin top finishes for better traction, PVC floor tiles provide safety and durability. The We Sell Mats™ PVC gym floor tiles are tough enough to get the job done and are offered in eight colors to match your workout space. You can also transform your space with Interlocking Foam Carpet Tiles. Both portable and lightweight, these dual-designed tiles feature a carpeted top and a shock-absorbing anti-fatigue foam bottom, perfect for bungee workouts at home.

It's time to create the home bungee fitness studio of your dreams. Purchase your bungee fitness equipment and studio flooring today and soar to new heights.

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