Building a Canine Conscious Pet Care Paradise

Building a Canine Conscious Pet Care Paradise

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When it comes to running a pet daycare facility, establishing trust is key. Dog owners take their four-legged family members very seriously, and it shows when it comes time to choose a care facility when leaving for a vacation. Successful pet care businesses are the ones that cater the unique needs of every individual guest, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any broad strokes you can make to improve the individual care your facility offers. One touchpoint of your facility that all guests interact with, regardless of size, shape, or species, is the floor, so getting it right is imperative.


Sniffing Through Your Options

The floor of a doggy daycare will be near constantly marched on by countless dogs over the course of its implementation, so there are several factors to consider. Hard floors like concrete or wood may be durable enough for roughhousing, but it may result in discomfort for sensitive guests such as older dogs. Carpeted floors will vastly improve the comfort of the space, but it will deteriorate fast and be a nightmare to clean up accidents.

We’ve previously discussed how well dogs respond to foam flooring in a high-performance setting, but they also begin to make a lot of sense when seeking a more comfort-centric approach. Foam tiles offer loads of impact absorption for spirited play while also making any space comfortable for guests with aging joints. In the event of an accident, foam tiles are easy to clean or quickly swap out for a fresh tile.


Get Your Paws on the Perfect Flooring

Every dog deserves a comfortable stay while their owners are away and We Sell Mats is here to help your business improve. Our durable interlocking EVA foam tiles would be right at home in your facility and they would instantly improve the quality of every guest’s stay. Our foam tiles come in a wide array of colors and thicknesses to best match your business while helping you cater to the unique needs of every furry guest.

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