Beat Summer Break Boredom with Skill Shape Trainers

Beat Summer Break Boredom with Skill Shape Trainers

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Kids bored on summer break? Check out our line of gymnastics equipment for endless fun! Set up an obstacle course with skill shape trainers from We Sell Mats. Shop incline mats, octagons and balance beams to keep your kids entertained, while moving their bodies. These skill shape trainers are great for fun and training! Whether you have a budding gymnast, cheerleader, dancer or martial artist, they can benefit from our line of skill shape trainers. Watch their imagination unfold when they play and train at home.

Medium Gymnastics Incline Mat

Lime Green/Blue

The Medium Gymnastics Incline Mat, also known as a cheese wedge mat, is ideal for kids aged 6 and up. It features a durable foam core and an 18 oz. vinyl cover that resists wear and tear. Plus, it folds in half for easy storage and transport, and comes in various color options. The Medium Gymnastics Incline Mat is versatile, aiding in skill development and enhancing playtime activities. Your child can tumble, flip, slide and more on this mat. Use it in your playroom to create an obstacle course for endless fun.

Small Tumbling Octagon


The Small Tumbling Octagon from We Sell Mats is designed for children aged 3-5 to help develop gymnastics skills such as walk-overs and handsprings. It features high-quality foam covered in durable 18 oz. vinyl. Available in lime green/blue and pink/purple, you can choose a fun color scheme to match your kids’ playroom. This is a fun item to add to an obstacle course and to let your kids engage in imaginative play. 

Pro Foam Balance Beam


The 6' High Density Foam Pro Balance Beam from We Sell Mats is designed for gymnasts, cheerleaders, and anyone looking to improve balance and core strength. It features a durable dual-layer foam core, a 4-inch wide top surface, and a textured, anti-slip bottom. The beam is lightweight, folds in half for easy storage, and includes hook-and-loop fasteners to connect multiple beams. Choose from blue, pink, purple and faux leather. The beam is the final piece to the obstacle course that will keep your kids entertained this summer break. 

Beat summer break boredom with We Sell Mats' skill shape trainers! Kids can enjoy endless fun and stay active with obstacle courses featuring incline mats, tumbling octagons, and balance beams. These trainers are perfect for budding gymnasts, cheerleaders, dancers, or martial artists. Engage their imagination and keep them moving all summer long.

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