Back to School, Back to You

Back to School, Back to You

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The new school year is officially upon us! While many kiddos are sad that the fun days of summer are behind them, many parents are looking forward to getting the kids - and you - back into a routine.

That’s why we’re offering up some advice on how to start feeling like yourself again after a hectic summer schedule and get you ready for, perhaps, an even more hectic school year schedule. 

How to Feel Like Yourself Again 

One of the best ways to feel like yourself again is to take care of yourself again! While you may have spent the summer hauling kids to the pool, park, or ball field,  adding more structure to your workout routine can help you feel more productive when burning those calories. Read on for a few ways you can feel like yourself again this school year. 

Stick to a New Workout Routine

New workout routines don’t have to wait until January. As the kids head back to school and you have a little more freedom, consider creating a new schedule to honor your personal fitness. Whether that’s starting the morning with yoga and meditation or going for a jog on your lunch break, find what works best for you and commit to your routine.

Update Your Exercise Space 

Trying to work out in a space that feels stuffy or stale can be a major deterrent. This year, take some time to update and upgrade your workout area. Whether that’s your garage or a corner of the living room, make it feel fresh and productive. 

For workout equipment like weights, our heavy-duty rubber flooring mats protect both your floor and your equipment from damage. These commercial-grade interlocking rubber tiles are perfect for the garage and are made of recycled rubber, making them a favorite for home gym enthusiasts.

For those looking to create a multi-use home gym area, our wood grain floor mats make a great option for adding padding to your existing floors and creating a flat, workout-ready surface.

And for those looking for a non-slip mat to put under their rowing machine, stationary bike, treadmill, or elliptical, our PVC fitness equipment mat is the perfect option.

Take Time to Rest

Of course, just because you’ve upgraded your home gym and have a new schedule to stick to doesn’t mean you can’t also find time to rest. Our bodies need rest to recover from stressful days or intense workouts. As the kids go back to school, your schedule is going to likely be up in the air as they commit to after-school activities and homework time. It can feel like you’re working two full-time jobs. So don’t forget to value rest and downtime. 

Take Care Of Yourself This School Year

They say you can’t pour from an empty cup. So as the kids return to school, be sure to find ways to fill up your cup so you can be the best version of yourself for them. This means finding time in your busy schedule to take care of your physical health. Shop our entire collection of foam floor mats today to create functional workout spaces in your home

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