Back to School - Back to Gymnastics

Back to School - Back to Gymnastics

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As the new school year begins, it's time to get back into a routine. For many parents, that means getting the kids back in their after-school activities, like gymnastics. Keep reading to learn the importance of buying gymnastics equipment for home to help your child excel in gymnastics during the school year and beyond.

The Importance of Practicing Gymnastics Outside of Class

Gymnastics is a great way to stay in shape and have fun, and practicing gymnastics outside of class is an easy way to get better. So, having the right home gymnastics equipment is essential. By purchasing gymnastics equipment for home, not only will gymnasts have the opportunity to perfect their skills, but they'll also be able to work on their stamina and strength. In addition, practicing outside of gymnastics class will help gymnasts develop a better sense of discipline and commitment.

Practicing outside of class, helps us retain what we learn in class and those who make the extra effort will reap the benefits. So if you're looking to take your gymnastics skills to the next level, investing in the right home gymnastics equipment is essential.

Home Gymnastics Equipment for a Safe Practice Space

Whether you’re a studio owner looking to update your gym or a parent setting up a practice space at home, here is the best gymnastics equipment for home and for the gym.

Tumbling Mats

Tumbling mats are essential for a safe gymnastics workout. At We Sell Mats, our tumbling mats are constructed with crosslink polyethylene foam and offer an 18oz vinyl covering. The full-perimeter hook and loop fasteners make joining multiple tumbling mats together easy. Due to the super-strong double stitching, these tumbling mats stand up to the toughest conditions, allowing you to use them day in and day out without worrying about their longevity. Plus, we have options to suit your space and needs, including: 

Padded Tumbling Octagons

Tumbling octagons help students master challenging gymnastics moves. At We Sell Mats, our padded tumbling octagon mats are crafted from high-quality foam wrapped in a durable 18-ounce vinyl cover. They come in multiple sizes to assist gymnasts of all ages in perfecting their skills:

Home Gymnastics Extras

Every commercial and home gym needs these “extras” to ensure that the gymnastics mats stay clean and sanitary and the gymnasts stay safe. Keep these gym essentials on hand and focus on having fun while practicing and performing at home:

  • Husky Vinyl Mat Cleaner - Husky mat cleaner makes cleaning and sanitizing your home gymnastics mats a breeze. This one-step disinfectant/cleaner is effective against many viruses and will not harm your gymnastic mats or equipment. One gallon of concentrated liquid makes up to 64 gallons of cleaner when diluting 2 ounces per gallon of water.
  • 12 oz. Spider Chalk Powder - It’s important to have enough chalk on hand to ensure the safety of your gymnasts. Spider chalk powder is high-grade chalk that helps increase grip performance while performing gymnastics moves.

Get Your Gymnastics Equipment for Home or the Gym Today

Gymnastics is a challenging sport that can take years to master, and continuing to practice your skills outside of class will help make you a better gymnast. Whether you’re looking to build the perfect gym or home practice space, check out our large selection of gymnastics essentials. Shop for home gymnastics equipment today!

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