A Workshop that Can Handle Anything You Throw at It

A Workshop that Can Handle Anything You Throw at It

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In every serious workshop, safety is the number one priority. With heavy machinery, power tools, and large-scale projects surrounding the hard-working craftspeople that inhabit them, the stakes are as high as it gets within the walls of nearly every type of workshop. Considering such high stakes, it is the responsibility of those that outfit workshops to be mindful of workplace safety and get creative with ways to minimize accidents and injury. 

Grip Where You Need It Most 

Perhaps the most crucial element of your workshop facility to fortify is the floor. Between oil from vehicles and dust from carpentry shop floors can develop dangerous slippery areas, dramatically increasing the possibility of an accident. Plenty of non-slip surfaces exist such as soft-compound rubber or carpet, but when it comes to the tough environment that even your average workshop presents, a more rugged material like PVC is easy to clean and sure to stand the test of time. 

PVC and other durable yet grippy surfaces on the floor can improve upon your shop’s existing safety standards in countless ways in professional and home workshops alike. Place them under vehicle inspection bays for a durable, easy-to-clean worksurface with loads of grip. For woodworkers, a grippier floor in the working zone of tools like table saws and jointers allow for added peace of mind when running such large dangerous equipment for years to come. 

Get Your Shop Ready for the Job 

No matter the size or nature of your workshop, We Sell Mats is prepared to accommodate with durable coin-top PVC floor tiles and custom-order rubber flooring in a wide range of styles for use under vehicles and heavy machinery. For applications around power tools that require maximum grip, our rubber-topped foam mats provide a softer base with a strong layer of rubber. 

We Sell Mats acknowledges the skilled tradespeople that have been working throughout every stage of the pandemic as an essential service and we are happy to help in bringing your shop up to task with safe flooring options. Check out more heavy duty options for the workplace. 

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