A Touch of Refinement: Introducing the Faux Leather 6-Foot Balance Beam

A Touch of Refinement: Introducing the Faux Leather 6-Foot Balance Beam

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Unleash the elegance of your workout routine with the Faux Leather 6-Foot Balance Beam from We Sell Mats.


This stunning balance beam not only serves as a crucial tool for honing balance and coordination but also adds a touch of sophistication to any exercise session. Discover what sets the brown faux leather 6-foot balance beam apart from the rest.


Aesthetics without Compromising Athletics

The luxurious look and feel of the brown faux leather surface elevates the 6-foot balance beam from a mere training tool to a luxurious fitness companion. Its premium texture and sophisticated appearance add a touch of elegance and style to any routine, making every workout session feel like a special occasion.


Tactile Precision

Designed to replicate the feel of a competition beam, the faux leather surface offers an unparalleled tactile experience. Gymnasts and fitness enthusiasts can benefit from the enhanced material feel, allowing them to better connect with the beam and enhance their body control during exercises and routines.


A Home Gym Statement Piece

Whether your home gym is a dedicated space or a corner of your living room, the faux leather balance beam stands out as a statement piece. Its refined appearance effortlessly complements any interior, giving your workout space a touch of sophistication that motivates you to achieve your fitness goals in style.


Versatility and Cross-Training

Beyond gymnastics, this  balance beam serves as a versatile platform for cross-training exercises. From yoga and pilates to dance and martial arts, users can explore a range of fitness disciplines. Plus, our new beams feature an enhanced foam core with heavy duty density EPS and EVA Foam. 


Rehabilitation Reinvented

For individuals working to recover from an injury, the Faux Leather Balance Beam provides a refined and gentle surface to aid recovery. When paired with our low-impact foam floor tiles, the plush yet supportive texture of the 6’ foam balance beam helps rebuild strength and confidence.


For added peace of mind, this balance beam is just 2.5 inches from the ground, and has a textured bottom to help grip the floor. And if you need more length, each beam features high-quality hook and loop on the end so you can link additional balance beams.


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