A Safe Summer Camp, is a Fun Summer Camp

A Safe Summer Camp, is a Fun Summer Camp

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Unfortunately, this isn’t a great year for summer camps as most of them have already been suspended in the interest of safety. On the bright side now may be a good time for camp organizers to prepare for when the campers finally return.  

Perhaps the top priority is maximizing camper safety, an ever-growing concern for parents. Often at times, camp organizers are forced to work with an aging facility built before modern safety standards, thankfully, there are easy ways to bring your camp into the 21st century without sacrificing fun. 

Ideas for Promoting Safety in an Aging Facility 

In a 2018 report on illness and injury sustained at summer camp conducted by Cureus, the most common location for sustaining injury was wherever sports activities took place. Crack down on sports injuries at camp by investing in portable padding, ideal for obstacle courses and rock climbing. 

In the same study, they discovered that the second most common location for sustaining injuries was in and around cabins. Placing a protective layer on the floor surrounding bunks is an easy way to prevent injuries in the case of a camper falling from the top.  

Stock Up for Next Summer 

While perhaps the best way to keep your campers safe is to keep a close eye on them and encourage safe behavior, stocking up on impact-absorbing surfaces allows you to maximize peace of mind for parents and guardians. 

We Sell Mats offers several products that would be right at home in your summer camp, including folding exercise mats that are easily deployable under obstacle courses and even make a great surface for sleeping bags in a pinch. 

For camper lodging, our wide range of interlocking foam tiles make furnishing cabins simple while prioritizing safety. We hold our products to the highest standards for safety and we are confident they will help your camp have a fun and injury-free summer. 

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