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Here’s an idea: to keep the kiddos safe when they’re splashing in the kiddie pool this summer, put some EVA foam mats under and around the pool! Slips happen, and if you don’t want water fun ruined by a trip to the ER, make sure the kids have a little cushioning under and around them while they’re having a ball in the pool.

EVA foam mats protect kids almost as well as a parent. Well, not in every circumstance, but to take a little stress off yourself and still let the kids have their fun in the little plastic pool, some EVA foam mats will do the trick. Kids should obviously never be unsupervised in a pool, even if it’s just a little blow-up pool or a hard plastic pool, but even when your eagle-eyes are upon them, kids can slip on the wet surface and playtime ends in tears. With just a few foam mats, you can take the uncomfortable and hard edge off the patio or deck and give the kids a better shot at having a fun, safe, splashing experience.

The direct sunshine can cause the color of the EVA foam mats to change, but if their purpose is solely to provide padding, it won’t be an issue. And you’d be surprised how easy the mats are to work with. Their interlocking tabs make them a cinch to put together, and if you want to move the pool area, just pick up the mats and move them to their new home. When pool time is done, the sun will dry the mats quickly and they’ll be ready for the next round of water fun.

Summertime brings enough challenges, but keeping your kids safe in their toddler pools is a challenge that can be met with EVA foam mats. When the swimming season is done, just stack the mats on top of each other for easy storage until next summer. You’ll be happy the kids are safer in the pool and you might even find yourself joining them in their comfortably cushioned water world!

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