5 Reasons Why Rubber Flooring for Rinks Just Makes Sense

5 Reasons Why Rubber Flooring for Rinks Just Makes Sense

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Have you ever wondered why ice skating rinks always seem to have rubber flooring? Well, there are a few reasons why rubber flooring for rinks just makes sense. Whether you are the one lacing up your skates for competition or game day or bundled up and cheering from behind the boards, the rubber flooring beneath your feet benefits you in a variety of ways.

Keep reading to learn why rubber flooring for rinks is the flooring of choice for rinks worldwide.

5 Reasons Rubber Flooring for Rinks is the Best Choice

1. Rubber Flooring is Slip & Abrasion Resistant

Between the countless skating blades and sand and salt-covered shoes that enter the rink, ice skating rink flooring sees a lot of action on a regular basis. Whether water accumulates from the outdoors or is carried off of the rink itself, standing water on a slippery surface is a recipe for disaster. Since rubber flooring is both slip and abrasion-resistant, accidental slips and damage from freshly sharpened skates is one less problem management needs to worry about for visitor, employee, and player safety.

2. Rubber Flooring Won’t Absorb Water

Just like standing water can post a serious safety problem, flooring materials that absorb water have the potential to cause costly mold, mildew, and hard-to-clean, unsanitary conditions inside a skating rink. Just think of how quickly a new commercial carpeted floor will become dirty, wet, and moldy.

With its dense, durable naturally mold and mildew-resistant composition, rubber flooring is by and far the best flooring material for high traffic areas, effortlessly standing up to heavy wear, tear, spills, snow, ice, and water. As if that wasn’t enough, rubber flooring’s resistant qualities make it extremely simple to sweep, vacuum, and sanitize for a clean and sanitary ice rink the community is proud to visit.

3. Rubber Flooring is Sound & Shock-Absorbing

If you’ve ever been to a hockey game, you already know how loud and rowdy a game can get. With all of the cheering and board slams, it helps to have a sound and shock absorbing layer to take in some of that extra noise, which is another reason rubber flooring for rinks just makes sense. Both sound and shock-absorbing rubber flooring for rinks is an obvious choice for loud and lively indoor events. In fact, rubber flooring is the premier choice in acoustic flooring, trusted in commercial spaces like hospitals, schools, auditoriums, theaters, concert halls, and countless other venues in need of sound, shock, and vibration controlling materials.

4. Rubber Flooring is Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Did you know that rubber flooring is one of the most eco-friendly flooring materials available? It’s true! Rubber flooring can come from recycled materials and can also be molded and shaped into practically any shape and size. For instance, Velotas® ⅜” Thick Commercial Rubber Tiles are made from 100% recycled rubber and approved by green building managers in need of a sustainable, environmentally friendly, resilient flooring option.

5. Rubber Flooring is Easy to Install

Depending on the type of rubber flooring you choose, installation can be a breeze. For instance, We Sell Mats™ rubber floor options are available in 23”x23” interlocking tiles that make installation effortless, and rubber tile edges can be trimmed with a sharp utility knife for a custom fit for any space.

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