5 Gymnastics Skills to Practice at Home

5 Gymnastics Skills to Practice at Home

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Gymnastics is a sport that combines strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. While practicing in a gym with professional equipment and coaching is ideal, there are several skills that gymnasts can safely work on at home to improve their abilities. With a little help from a Gymnastics Tumbling Mat from We Sell Mats, you can practice and perfect these five gymnastics skills at home.


Handstands are fundamental to many gymnastics skills and are excellent for building upper body strength, balance, and body awareness. Practice against a wall for support until you can balance independently. Use a Gymnastics Tumbling Mat to support you in case you fall. Keep your legs together and toes pointed. Maintain a tight core to avoid arching your back.


Cartwheels are another essential skill that improves coordination and lateral movement. Make sure to practice cartwheels on a supportive Gymnastics Tumbling Mat from We Sell Mats. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors. All of them provide a safe and comfortable surface to practice your cartwheels.


Bridges are crucial for developing back flexibility and strength, which are vital for many gymnastics skills. Make sure you don't force the stretch; work within your flexibility limits. Gradually increase the duration you hold the bridge. And don’t forget to use your Gymnastics Tumbling Mat when working on your bridges. Our mats fold up for easy storage when you’re done practicing for the day.


Splits improve leg flexibility and are necessary for many floor and beam routines. Always warm up thoroughly before attempting splits. You can use pillows or yoga blocks for support if you can't reach the ground. Also, practice splits on a comfortable surface like our Gymnastics Tumbling Mat. They offer 1.5” of thickness to support your every move.


Leaps are a combination of strength, flexibility, and coordination, making them essential for floor and beam routines. Practice on a soft surface to protect your joints. The Gymnastics Tumbling Mat from We Sell Mats is the perfect solution with its advanced crosslink polyethylene foam core and durable 18 oz vinyl cover. 

Practicing these skills at home can help gymnasts improve their strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Always ensure you have a safe, open space to practice and warm up properly before beginning. Don’t forget your Gymnastics Tumbling Mat for a safe and supportive surface to work on. With consistent practice, you'll see progress and be better prepared for your next gymnastics class or competition. Happy practicing!

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