4 Ways to Use the 4’x6’ Gymnastics Tumbling Mat

4 Ways to Use the 4’x6’ Gymnastics Tumbling Mat

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We Sell Mats is proud to offer durable, cushioned 4’x6’ Gymnastics Tumbling Mats for a variety of fun uses! Choose from 1.5” or 2” thickness and a variety of colors. Our tumbling mats are constructed with high quality Crosslink Polyethylene Foam and an 18 oz vinyl covering. Each mat folds into thirds for ease of storage and transportation. They’re great for practicing gymnastics and much more! Here are 4 ways you can use the 4’x6’ Gymnastics Tumbling Mat from We Sell Mats.

Practice Gymnastics

Young gymnasts and cheerleaders can practice tumbling, flips, cartwheels and back handsprings on the 4’x6’ Gymnastics Tumbling Mat. It provides a safe, cushioned space to land and fall while learning to perfect your skills. The mat folds up so you can practice wherever you need to.

Attach To Other Fun Gymnastics Equipment

Hook and loop fasteners on all four sides makes it easy to connect mats in any configuration! Attach them to other mats to create a larger space for multiple gymnasts to practice at the same time. Or attach them to other fun equipment like our incline mats or tumbling octagons. Create an obstacle course or a training course with a balance beam too. Mix and match colors to make it more fun!

Enhance Your Playroom

These gymnastics tumbling mats are great for playrooms too! Use them to provide a colorful and soft surface that’s easy to clean up. Great for preschool age children to play on! Combine with our preschool incline mat for the ultimate playroom.

Use in Your Home Gym

The cushioned surface of our 4’x6’ Gymnastics Tumbling Mat is perfect for performing crunches, push-ups and other core exercises. Enhance your home gym with these mats that fold up for easy storage when not in use.


It’s easy and affordable to add the 4’x6’ Gymnastics Tumbling Mat to your routine. Whether you’re looking to support your aspiring gymnast or cheerleader; enhance your playroom; or to use in your home gym, these mats provide comfort, safety and durability. Shop now at WeSellMats.com!

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