Carpet top foam all colors stacked
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3/8" Thick Carpet-Top Mats

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Product Description

Interlocking Foam Carpet Tiles

Whether you want to redesign a guest room, create a safe daycare playroom, dress up your showroom floors, or create a cost-effective alternative flooring solution for your cold concrete basement floor, We Sell Mats™ interlocking foam carpet tiles may be the right flooring option for the job.

Carpet Tiles Make Great Trade Show, Home, & Commercial Flooring Options

These interlocking carpet-top mats are 24"x24" and 3/8" thick. The soft padding provides a firm cushion that lessens the impact on the knees, legs and back while standing for long periods of time or playing on the floor. The top layer is made of durable carpet and the bottom layer is anti-fatigue EVA foam. Each carpet tile comes with two detachable borders, making it easy to create a seamless look all the way around your carpet tile space.

The interlocking design makes it simple to quickly set up and disassemble carpet tiles offering the perfect design for businesses traveling to and from trade shows. Available in a wide variety of classic colors, we’re certain you will find the perfect carpet tile color to complement your home gym, kid’s play area, workspace, basement hangout, or trade show booth.

We’ve even made it easy to select the perfect number of tiles for your square footage. Either shop by room size or use our handy square footage calculator located on the carpet tile product page to ensure you’ve ordered the correct number of tiles for your intended space.

Carpet Tiles Perfect for Playrooms & Daycares

These colorful carpet-top tiles are ideal for playrooms and daycares, providing a safe and soft playtime surface for kids of all ages. Not only do they provide great cushioning, they are easy to assemble and are water-resistant to spills and messes that often occur with children. We recommend that these foam tiles be placed over any hardwood, vinyl, tile, cement, or other hard and flat indoor surface for the best results. We do not recommend placing them on top of existing carpet or underneath furniture as indentions will occur. We recommend a non-motorized carpet sweeper ONLY ("push vacuum") for picking up dirt, dust, and lent from these carpet-top foam mats.

Carpet Tile Accessories

The last thing you want to do is spend extra time taking down your displays and flooring. With our interlocking trade show carpet tiles, assembly and disassembly takes just minutes, so you’ll spend less time fussing with tradeshow setup and takedown.

Our Trade Show Carrying Bag makes it simple to transport your tiles to and from your locations. If you’d like to secure your carpet tiles to the subfloor for added stability, the Anchor Double-Sided Flooring Tape is a must. Unlike other double-sided tapes, the Anchor Double-Sided Flooring Tape is specially designed to secure EVA foam mats to the floor without fear of sticky residue after removal.

Find Mats For Every Space At We Sell Mats™

At We Sell Mats™, you’ll find so much more than just carpet tiles. We are also your home for home and office mats, commercial gym mats, and fitness mats for various activities, from gymnastics and cheerleading to martial arts, general fitness, camping, cosplay, and more. 

We take pride in delivering the highest quality mat and floor tiles to complement your home or commercial space. The We Sell Mats™ blog is also chock-full of helpful information for choosing the best mats for a variety of spaces, depending on your needs.

Shop our extensive selection of interlocking foam mats to find the best alternative flooring options for every space you like to work, play, or train!



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