7 Portable Trade Show Display Must-Haves for your Vendor Events

7 Portable Trade Show Display Must-Haves for your Vendor Events

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Are you gearing up for trade shows or vendor events this year? If so, it’s important to make sure you have all the necessary tools and supplies to make a significant impact. From pop-up banners to portable flooring, read on for seven must-have items for your next trade show display.

7 Trade Show Display Must-Haves for Vendor Events

1. A Banner or Sign that Displays Your Company Name

Trade show attendees need to glance at your booth and instantly be intrigued. A large banner or portable sign with your company name, tagline, and logo can do that. If possible, use multiple signs, so people can see your company name regardless of what direction they’re walking through the trade show hall.

2. Trendy Trade Show Display Flooring

An engaging and eye-catching display table is sure to attract more people and increase foot traffic at your booth. One way to stand out among your neighbors at vendor events is to install portable, modern trade show display flooring. Trade show flooring not only makes your booth look more professional but also aids in keeping your feet and legs comfortable while standing all day. The We Sell Mats™ Forest Floor® Farmhouse Collection of faux hardwood floor tiles adds a modern, polished look  and come in seven wood-color finishes to match your trade show display.

3. Literature and Brochures About Your Company and Products

If someone doesn’t have time to chat with you at your booth, you need literature they can take home with them. That way, they can learn more about your products or services at a later time. Make sure your print material is not just informative but exciting to look at and read too. With so many companies handing out brochures, think of ways to make yours stand out with captivating colors and pictures.

4. A Product Demonstration Station

Consider incorporating a product demonstration into your trade show display if your product truly shines while in use. If you’re advertising a heavy product and need to protect the floor underneath during your demonstration, be sure to install heavy duty rubber floor mats or PVC flooring ahead of time. The We Sell Mats™ rubber-topped flooring tiles are durable yet comfortable, providing a solid ground to display your products.

5. Samples of Your Products or Free Items with Your Logo

Everyone likes free stuff. In fact, for some people, the most fun part about going to vendor events is leaving with a bag full of goodies. The key is to not just give attendees something for free but something to remember you by. Whether you offer a product sample or a small item like a pen, notepad, or button, make sure your business name and logo are apparent. If you give out a bag with your logo on it, make sure it’s a huge bag. That way, attendees will use it during the event, giving your company more publicity as they venture to other booths.

6. Portable Lights to Make Your Trade Show Display Shine

Often, the lighting at vendor events isn’t the best. You can quite literally make your trade show display shine with a few extra portable lights. Just make sure to direct them away from people’s eyes and onto your banners or signs to light up your business name for more to see. Additionally, check ahead of time to know if there are electrical outlets available or if you’ll need battery-operated lights.

7. Something Everyone Needs

78% of trade show attendees travel over 400 miles to get to vendor events. Still, getting them to travel just a few more steps to your booth can sometimes be a challenge. If you want to drive traffic to your trade show display, offer something everyone needs. That might be free bottles of water or soda, individually-packaged snacks, free WiFi, or a charging station where people can charge their phones. Once you get people to your booth, you can offer them a free product sample or a brochure to look at while their phone is charging!

If you’re looking for the best trade show flooring that’s durable, portable, and looks good, too, you’ve come to the right place. We have what you need, from carpet-top floor tiles to PVC flooring to wood grain floor tiles and more. Shop all of our trade show flooring options today!

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