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Exercise Mats from Walmart or Target

Posted by admin on Dec 19th 2012

Exercise Mats from Walmart or TargetBeen shopping for exercise mats from Walmart or Target lately? It’s no surprise to hear this coming from us, and we know that Walmart and Target are both cheap and convenient places to shop, but there are some products for which you’re better off looking elsewhere, and exercise mats are one of them.

Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those local-news exposé pieces on the dangers of this-or-that product from your neighborhood big box store, but there really are some valuable reasons why shopping for exercise mats from Walmart, Target, or other similar retailers is not in your best interest.

Exercise Mat Quality

First off, Walmart and Target offer a lower-quality exercise mat than we do. It’s an unavoidable result of the way these kinds of retailers operate in that they don’t specialize in any particular product (certainly not one as specific as exercise mats). Walmart and Target need to minimize the price and cost of their products as much as possible which, more often than not, comes at the expense of their product quality. On the other hand, here at We Sell Mats we’re focused on delivering the very best mats available, whether you’re shopping for EVA foam or gymnastics/tumbling mats. We evaluate multiple manufacturing processes, have all of our mats tested for product safety by third-party laboratories, and constantly listen to the feedback of our customers to make sure we’re hitting the mark when it comes to product quality.

Exercise Mat Service

As anyone who has shopped at Walmart or Target knows, the customer service staff know very little about their products beyond where to find them in the store. If you want information about the differences between EVA foam and Crosslink Polyethylene or if you’re trying to decide between 3/8" and 3/4" thicknesses, or if you need tips on installing a new garage floor with PVC tiles… yeah, you can imagine just how helpful the Walmart greeter is going to be. Compare that to the experience at We Sell Mats, where everyone who answers the phone, replies to an email, or responds to you on Facebook is cheerful, knowledgeable, and helpful. We know our mats well and we’ve got the experiences of thousands of customers to enable us to help you choose exactly the right mat for your application.

Exercise Mat Price

It seems obvious enough that price is the main reason why a lot of people buy exercise mats from Walmart and Target, but if that’s your concern, fear not! Our prices are extremely competitive even when shipping costs are added in, and when you consider the enhanced level of product quality and customer service you’re getting from We Sell Mats, it’s an undeniable deal. Beyond our everyday prices, you’ll also find truly amazing sales in our Overstocks category and did you know that our Facebook Fans get 5% our already-low prices every single day?

Walmart and Target are corporations, and at the end of the day so are we, but with some very significant differences. We have a deep understanding of our own product, we genuinely care about each individual customer who uses our product, and we take pride in developing a very loyal family of satisfied customers who refer us to friends and family again and again. Why do they do that? Because they’re pleased by what they find online, surprised by the kindness and knowledgeability of our staff when they call with a question, and delighted with the mats when they open the box. That’s an experience that can’t be matched by Walmart, Target, or any big box retailer, and that’s why we say you’re better off shopping at We Sell Mats. As always, we’ve got several great mats which can provide the perfect flooring solution for your home gym or exercise area, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about which mat is the best fit for you.

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