3/4 inch Multipurpose EVA foam mats
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3/4" Thick Multipurpose Mats - 7 Color Options

SKU: DM24X1-20M
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Retail $10.00
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Product Description

Our 3/4" thick EVA Multipurpose foam mat provides a cost-effective solution for extra padding needed throughout your home or other space. This thickness is designed for moderate to high foot traffic areas. Interlocking mats should not be installed on top of carpet as this will provide an uneven subfloor and increase the risk of trip/slip hazards due to tiles coming disconnected or slipping on the carpeted surface. Great over hardwood flooring, vinyl, tile, concrete, or other hard surfaces that require more support for your joints.


Ideal Anti-Fatigue Surface That's Easy to Assemble and Clean
Create a safe, anti-fatigue surface where you need extra padding such as in your home gym, trade show booth, or other spaces where you will be working out or standing for long periods of time. The interlocking foam tiles assemble quickly so you can set it up in a snap and disassemble even faster. EVA foam is easily trimmed with a sharp knife or scissors, so you can measure your space and cut tiles to fit for a snug wall-to-wall installation. Dense EVA foam is perfect for home gyms, fitness studios, sensory rooms, basements, trade show floors, and many other areas where you need to protect the body as well as reduce noise. 

This product is made in Taiwan. Meets all CPSIA Safety Standards: ASTM, CPSIA, and Prop 65 Standards Summary

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