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holiday deal on 4x6 tumbling mats
Incline Mats
Pink, Blue, and Multi-Color Medium Incline Mats are Back in Stock!
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3/8" colored foam as low as 78¢ per Sq. Ft. with Free Shipping!
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Gymnastics Mats for all ages and skill levels
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Our best-selling wood grain EVA foam mats are in stock!
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Husky® Liners for a wide variety of cars, trucks, and SUVs
Latest Blog Posts
  • Martial Arts and Marco Polo

    how would foam mats have changed the fate of Marco Polo?

    If you haven't seen the Netflix original series, Marco Polo, you're missing a great exhibition of martial arts executed by several MA masters. Praying mantis kung fu? Yes, it's real. Many martial arts were developed through observation of animals and insects,and we get a good look at it in several of the episodes involving Chinese chancellor, Jia Sidao. Bayan Hundred Eyes instructs young Marco in the ways of kung fu with the intensity only Tom Wu could demonstrate...but on tile floors?! Hmmm...how would Marco's travelogues been different if he'd trained on 3/4" EVA foam martial arts mats??? Continue Reading

  • Commercial Rubber Tiles and PVC Tiles for Gyms, Garages, and the Workplace

    There are a multitude of settings where heavy duty flooring solutions can mean the difference between a successful business and a sinking one; between an energized employee and high turnover; between looking forward to going to work, and joining the ranks of those who hate their jobs. If you work in an environment that demands you are on your feet all day, some seriously forgiving  PVC or rubber tiles might just be the best things that ever happened to you. Continue Reading

  • The Basics of Our Gymnastics Mats

    If you're new to We Sell Mats, we'd like to introduce you to our fantastic line of gymnastics equipment. You'll find we have have a wide selection of mats and equipment, including mats for tumbling, cartwheels, and even specialized incline mats for learning flips. No line would be complete without crash pads, and we've got those in several durable thicknesses, depending on your needs. We're here to help you get started in the sport, progress to the next level, or even outfit your gymnastics business. Continue Reading

  • Medium Incline Mats Will Be Back in Stock Soon

    we sell mats medium gymnastics incline mat.

    UPDATE (12-17-2014): MEDIUM INCLINE MATS ARE BACK IN STOCK. While supplies last, orders placed by Noon EST will ship out the same day. Christmas delivery not guaranteed; call for expedited shipping options.

    We've received many calls in recent days asking when our medium-sized Gymnastics Incline Mats will be back in stock. The answer is…... soon! The mats are making their way to our distribution center right now and we expect them to arrive sometime in the next few days. Continue Reading

  1. 1 3/8" Thick ABC/123 EVA Foam Mats

    3/8" Thick ABC/123 EVA Foam Mats

    Regular Price: $62.40

    Special Price $45.14

  2. 2 3/8" Thick EVA Foam Mats

    3/8" Thick EVA Foam Mats

    Regular Price: $30.00

    Special Price $19.95

  3. 3 4' x 8' Gymnastics Tumbling Mat

    4' x 8' Gymnastics Tumbling Mat

    Regular Price: $140.00

    Special Price $99.99

  4. 4 4' x 6' Gymnastics Tumbling Mat

    4' x 6' Gymnastics Tumbling Mat

    Regular Price: $130.00

    Special Price $89.99

  5. 5 3/8" Thick Wood Grain EVA Foam Mats

    3/8" Thick Wood Grain EVA Foam Mats

    Regular Price: $36.00

    Special Price $22.88

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