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New 3mm, 5mm, and 8mm Yoga Mats in Stock!
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  • Outdoor Play Spaces Can Be Safe and Comfortable!

    child looking at lady bug

    Wish your kids had a safe place to play on the patio or deck where you didn't have to worry about them eating the lawn or getting splinters? A tried and true solution is just a click away! EVA foam mats are soft, supportive, easily cleaned, and a piece of cake to take apart and store. They are, quite frankly, the perfect solution to every parent's concerns about safe play spaces, indoors or out. Continue Reading

  • Fitness for Everyone - 2015 Special Olympics

    2015 Special Olympics Logo

    Almost half a century ago, the Special Olympics began in the backyard of Eunice Kennedy Shriver. Believing children with intellectual disabilities needed a place to play, Camp Shriver was a safe, encouraging, and nurturing place for Potomac, Maryland, kids to experience sports and play.

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  • Yoga Gear for Every Need

    Gaiam® Yoga Gear

    Yoga can take on many forms, whether it’s a meditative, stress-relieving part of your day or a high-energy, heavy metal-fueled cardio workout (totally a real thing – we’re not making it up. If you’re not crazy about the idea of relaxing and doing cardio simultaneously, give it a try). One thing nearly every style of yoga has in common is a lot of interaction with the floor. That means an increased risk of discomfort or injury depending on whether or not you’ve got appropriate equipment, and by appropriate equipment, we totally mean our fantastic selection of yoga mats. Continue Reading

  • Gymnastics Equipment: Not Another Hoop to Jump Through

    Gymnast using chalk

    If we said the phrases, "jumping through hoops" and "navigating obstacles," you might think we're talking about applying for a home loan, or maybe trying to get into college. Unfortunately, those phrases are too often associated with unwelcome difficulties, but one place they're happily expected is in a gymnastics routine.

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  1. 1 4' x 8' Gymnastics Tumbling Mat

    4' x 8' Gymnastics Tumbling Mat

    Regular Price: $175.00

    Special Price $132.99

  2. 2 3/4" Thick Martial Arts Mats

    3/4" Thick Martial Arts Mats

    Regular Price: $60.00

    Special Price $34.36

  3. 3 3/8" Thick EVA Foam Mats

    3/8" Thick EVA Foam Mats

    Regular Price: $35.00

    Special Price $24.76

  4. 4 Classic Oak Printed Foam Mats

    Classic Oak Printed Foam Mats

    Regular Price: $40.00

    Special Price $26.88

  5. 5 3/8" Thick ABC/123 EVA Foam Mats

    3/8" Thick ABC/123 EVA Foam Mats

    Regular Price: $62.40

    Special Price $42.95

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