PVC Floor Tiles

We Sell Mats™ PVC floor tiles are the heavy duty pvc flooring option to protect garage and basement floors of every size. PVC flooring tiles are both tough and resilient, making them perfect for your commercial or residential needs. Use our heavy duty PVC flooring under gymnastics mats or home workout mats for the ultimate protection for you and you floors. We Sell Mats™ interlocking pvc flooring tiles are the high quality flooring option you need to transform any basement or garage into a stylish multi-purpose space. 

Heavy Duty PVC Floor Tiles

We Sell Mats™ ¼” thick pvc flooring tiles offer the durable protection your floors need if you want to create a home gym, work space, or revamp your boat. These interlocking pvc flooring tiles are available in smooth or coin top finishes for better traction, and measure 19-5/8" x 19-5/8", providing 2.6 square feet of coverage. Choose from more than 8 colors to transform any dull space into a space that reflects your personality. We Sell Mats™ pvc floor tiles are easy to assemble much like our foam floor tiles. For that classic gym look at home, try our heavy duty pvc flooring in the coin-top finish. 

Heavy Duty PVC Flooring Tiles for Commercial Use

We Sell Mats™ coin top finish is the extra resilient, durable pvc flooring option for use in commercial settings like warehouse floors, fitness centers, hospitals, veterinary clinics, schools, community centers and more. Choose from more than 8 colors to find the coin top pvc flooring style that best suits your needs and space. Because our heavy duty pvc flooring is custom made, please contact We Sell Mats™ to order. This way, you’ll get the exact amount of pvc flooring you need for your space without the hassle of cutting pieces. For longer lasting floor tiles, we recommend regular light cleaning (as opposed to infrequent heavy cleaning) with a light general purpose detergent. This will maintain the appearance and finish of your PVC flooring tiles for years to come.

Heavy Duty PVC Flooring Cleaner

You’ll love how easy this heavy duty pvc flooring cleans up with our Husky neutral disinfectant cleaner! Simply remove the debris and wipe clean with the cleaner. This cleaner is made to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and odors and is also effective against many viruses and fungi and bacteria, including MRSA, Staph, Influenza-A, Strep and HIV-1. Husky neutral disinfectant is available by the gallon so you’ll always have the proper cleaning supplies on hand to keep your pvc flooring tiles looking like new.