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VÉLOTAS® Diamond Pattern Foam Fitness Mats 3/4"

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SKU: VMDP-24LG0.1-20M
Color: Light Gray
Select Your Room Size: 6x8
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Product Description

Our 3/4" thick VÉLOTAS® Interlocking EVA Foam Exercise Mats provide a thicker anti-shock surface for extra padding while performing higher intensity workouts such as HIIT, CrossFit, and more. Use at home or in a gym on top of a smooth, flat surface such as a basement or hard wood floor exercise classroom. Although many customers use EVA foam tiles in their garages for various purposes, please note that they cannot be driven on or parked on.


  • Protects floors while providing a comfortable workout area at home or in the gym
  • Each tile measures 24" x 24"; (2) detachable borders are included with each tile
  • Assembles in just minutes over any hard, flat indoor surface - assembly over carpet is not recommended
  • Do not park or drive on EVA foam tiles
  • Our thickest diamond plate option offers an even more comfortable and durable surface for your exercise needs
  • Read here before purchasing tiles

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