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VÉLOTAS® 3/8" Thick Commercial Rubber Tiles - 3 Color Options

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Color: Blue Fleck
Select Your Room Size: 6x8
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Product Description

Admired by architects and designers. Recommended and selected by specifiers. Preferred by green building managers. Our recycled rubber flooring has proven to be the floor of choice by those who desire sustainable, environmentally friendly, resilient flooring. Can be used indoor or outdoor. Please note that all rubber tiles will have an initial rubber smell just like a new tire. The rubber smell will dissipate over time.

Because the interlocking rubber tiles are not glued down, they can be disassembled and reassembled time and again without damaging the tiles. Each CENTER PIECE tile is 23.5" x 23.5", 3/8" thick and comes in a choice of three colors. Our rubber flooring is also available in rolls for large applications. Please contact customer service at 888-737-6287 for more information on custom rubber rolls.


  • Our rubber tiles do not include a protective finish when shipped from the manufacturing facility. It is highly recommended that the newly installed rubber floor be protected using a tarpaulin or other cover until the floor can be cleaned and/or sealed. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper application of the floor sealer (if applicable).
  • INITIAL CLEANING: Do not wash the floor for at least 5 days after installation. An initial cleaning needs to be done to remove any dirt and grit from the job site and to prepare the floor prior to applying a sealer or finish. Failure to clean properly will cause bonding issues as well as the entrapment of dirt in the floor. The floor should be cleaned with a neutral cleaner using steps 1-4 below.
  • Routine Cleaning:
  • Thoroughly sweep or vacuum the floor to remove all loose dirt, dust and debris.
  • Apply a neutral cleaner to the floor with a mop (or automatic floor scrubber). Follow that manufacturer's instructions.
  • Use a wet vac or mop to remove cleaning solution.
  • Rinse floor with clean, cold water. Remove all water with wet vac or mop. Allow rubber floor to dry thoroughly.
  • This item will have a Rubber smell that can not be washed off and will dissipate over time.
  • Our rubber tiles are resistant to oil and most chemicals, but we still recommend that you clean any spills as quickly as possible. To avoid possible damage to the flooring, the following should never be used on the floor:
  • Steel wool or abrasive brushes
  • Abrasive or alkaline cleaners; Solvents of any type

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