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Cheers to Ewe Blocking Mats with Grids

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Product Description

When you need high-quality EVA foam knitting blocking mats for your next knitting project, the We Sell Mats® Cheers To Ewe Knitting Blocking Mats are the perfect choice for the job.

Our knitting blocking mats come in sets of nine, and each mat features a grid pattern and numbers 1-9, which makes it simple to piece them together where they belong.


  • Each knitting blocking mat measures 12”x12” and is ½” thick.
  • Made of waterproof, EVA foam.
  • The interlocking design and numbered blocking mats make it easy to piece together a larger 36”x36” knitting blocking board surface for larager projects.
  • Customize your own size knitting blocking board by using more or fewer knitting blocking mats.

    Exercise is fun for the family

    We have the mats to turn your garage or basement into a home gym.

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