Office Floor Mats

Spruce up your office with the office floor mats that dress to impress. We Sell Mats™ has the unique office floor mats to turn any office space into a warm and welcoming space. From modern farmhouse Forest Floor® printed foam mats to traditional carpet top mats and everything in between, we guarantee everyone will find the perfect office floor mats to get the job done in spaces of any size. Shop our extensive line today and discover the difference quality office floor mats can make in your space.

Office Chair Mats

Office chair mats are here and better than ever before. Due to the natural elements that make up foam office chair mats, indentation from heavy objects and resistance when rolling a chair across will occur. For best results, place a PVC mat under your rolling office chair for easy maneuvering and avoid placing heavy furniture onto mats. For a more durable office chair mat, consider our PVC floor tiles or the Velotas® rubber-topped foam fitness mats. These ⅜” thick high-density EVA foam mats are a solid alternative to traditional rubber flooring, protecting floors while providing a durable surface for lightweight items and equipment. 

Looking for an office chair mat for carpet-styled rooms? You’ve come to the right place! We Sell Mats™ carries two types of carpet-top mats for your office chair, working best with a PVC mat between the two. Our high-density EVA foam mats are an ultra-durable carpet surface, offering ideal padding for the home or classroom. Our other thick carpet-top mats, available in more than 13 colors, were designed to be a water-resistant, soft-padding flooring option. All of We Sell Mats™ carpet-top mats can be customized to be a perfect fit in any space of any size.

Standing Desk Floor Mats

We Sell Mats™ now carries the standing desk floor mats that look as good as they feel. Standing desks have the ability to reduce tiredness and increase productivity. Now, you can increase your productivity with the office floor mats for your standing desk that add a touch of modernity to your space. Our beautiful line of ⅜”, ⅝” thick Forest Floor® printed floor mats bring a uniform look to your home office, offering several color options like shades of browns, oaks, white, black and gray to create the appearance of hardwood, slate, bamboo, cork or mahogany. If modern farmhouse or the hardwood look isn’t your thing, consider our multipurpose mats, available in more than 15 colors and 4 different thicknesses, including ½”, ¾”, ⅜” and a new 1” thickness. For more functionality in your space or if you need floor mats for home office or home fitness mats, we have you covered!

No matter what office floor mats or office chair mats you’re in the market for, be sure to secure them right with Pirate Anchor™ double sided flooring tape. This tape will easily secure EVA foam mats to a hard, flat floor surface without leaving residue.