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We Sell Mats Partners with New USA Rubber Manufacturer

5/10/21: Home gyms are more in demand than ever and We Sell Mats is answering the need for commercial grade flooring solutions for the heavy lifters. We recently established a reliable source for interlocking rubber tiles right here in the United States. Made from recycled tires, the 23" x 23" tiles are easy to install with no need for messy glue or an installation crew to do the job. The rubber is the same high quality grade found in large commercial gyms, hotel gyms, and weight lifting facilities. EVA interlocking foam tiles are perfect for light body weight exercises and stretching, but for those requiring a product that will stand up against weight dropping and heavy fitness equipment, the recycled 100% commercial grade rubber tiles are the ideal solution. 

Man Lifting Heavy Weights in Gym


Custom Basketball Pole Pad Produced for Shaq Bowl Challenge

2/08/21: Where can you get a custom produced basketball goal pole pad delivered within a week to one of the largest live streaming events of the year? Contact We Sell Mats of course! That's just what Shaquille O'Neal's marketing agency, Medium Rare, did for Super Bowl Sunday's Shaq Bowl. The three hour event included celebrities such as football legend Tim Tebow and singer Nelly in fun competitions like tug-of-war, dodgeball, and even hot wing eating. The Shaq Bowl's major sponsor, Mercari, required a custom made basketball goal pole pad to be a prominent part of their Pass The Ball obstacle challenge. The color of the pad vinyl had to match Mercari's logo color as close as possible, and their name needed to be printed in white vertically down the front. We Sell Mats worked directly with Medium Rare on measurement specs, color matching, and proofing. Once approved, the Mercari pad was produced and shipped out within a week to Tampa, Florida, the site of the pre-game Shaq Bowl. 

We Sell Mats offers standard or custom pole and post padding, as well as wall padding made in the USA. High impact rated and available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. 



ShipStation Story: We Sell Mats

7/17/20: We Sell Mats' Operations Director, Jake Miller, was recently interviewed by our shipping software partner, ShipStation. Learn how Jake and his team have been able to better manage an increasing volume of orders as well as fulfillment from additional warehouses with ShipStation's efficient automation rules and more:

We Sell Mats had already implemented ShipStation when they brought Jake Miller, the Operations Director, onto the team. Jake manages the company’s inventory and fulfillment process and attributes their shipping success partly to ShipStation: “One of the largest factors to it is the way that we’re allowed to manipulate orders. So the fact that I can search by status, date, whoever it’s assigned to, by tag. Anything that I want, I can sort, and I can filter my orders in ShipStation that way. And then the icing on that cake is your automation rules”. We Sell Mats currently use 53 different automation rules on ShipStation.

Automation rules make We Sell Mats’ busy fulfillment process easier for Jake and his team: “I don’t have to remember anything now.” Orders will automatically be assigned the correct tags and specifications, including whether an order needs to be billed to a third-party. Because their products are sold on multiple marketplaces, it’s important to organize orders quickly and efficiently before shipping them out. When an order is imported into ShipStation, automation rules immediately assign one of We Sell Mats’ four warehouses based on the order’s location. Once a location is selected, Jake can see the live carrier rates and then change the location if there’s a more efficient option. 

We Sell Mats has found success quickly on Amazon, where they now sell thousands of orders through Amazon’s Direct Fulfillment program. This growth happened quickly, and Jake found his team struggling to fulfill the increasing orders manually: “It took off like a rocket ship. So we weren’t prepared as far as how to respond to it. It took four people probably close to six or seven hours to handle all the shipping labels for the day”. Once they connected their Amazon store to ShipStation, the time and effort spent printing labels were cut significantly. It now takes one person a maximum of two hours to print all of the shipping labels for the day. 

The team at We Sell Mats was searching for an EDI solution that would integrate Amazon at ShipStation. After going through a few EDI solutions that didn’t quite meet their needs, the team found eBridge Connections. eBridge was the right price for We Sell Mats, while also fulfilling all of their EDI integration needs. eBridge worked with We Sell Mats to create a connection completely configured to their business’ unique data and connection needs.

Workflows automated:

  • Orders
  • Inventory
  • Invoice
  • Invoice released
  • Shipment
  • Shipping request

The integrations with ShipStation and eBridge have made multichannel selling and fulfillment quicker and easier for We Sell Mats. When shopping online, customers want their items as soon as possible. Jake says: “ShipStation has allowed me to manipulate large volumes of orders and process them quickly so that I can fulfill them faster. So it has allowed me to grow and get the items out to customers.” 

Along with the right solutions, We Sell Mats continues to grow and adapt their shipping and fulfillment processes to meet rising demand. 


Precautions in Unsure Times

3/18/20: As we continue to monitor the rapidly evolving situation around the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are taking daily preventative measures to ensure that our employees stay safe and that we communicate and work safely with our shipping partners. Employees who can work remotely are currently doing so, and employees who must remain onsite are frequently washing their hands and sanitizing their work areas.

We are continuing to service our customers with current on-time deliveries, but please note that our logistics partners are prioritizing the pickup and delivery of critical medical, food, and hygiene products at this time. Our customer service team is available to help with placing or tracking orders and to answer questions via email, phone, and direct message on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Our thoughts are for the safety and well-being of all individuals and stability for thousands of small businesses impacted by these difficult circumstances. We hope you and your loved ones stay safe and stay healthy. If you are concerned about sanitation of your home mats, helpful cleaning tips are included here:

Sincerely, Ken and Missy Richardson and the We Sell Mats family.


Stadium Blitz to be Held in New Era Stadium

9/30/19: Join us on October 12, 2019 at the Stadium Blitz race at New Era Stadium in Buffalo, New York. Earn points as you complete obstacles inside the NFL stadium where the Buffalo Bills play. To learn more and to register, go to