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Lime green/blue gymnastics cheese wedge incline mat
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Medium Gymnastics Incline Mat

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Product Description

Medium Incline Gymnastics Mat

Also commonly referred to as cheese mats, wedge mats, or even cheese wedge mats, medium incline tumbling mats are best suited for intermediate gymnasts ages 6 and up.

The Perfect Tool for Learning & Progressing Skills

Whether your son or daughter is new to the world of gymnastics or working hard to get to the next level, a medium incline tumbling mat can serve as a wonderful tool to help them practice the skills necessary to move up to the next level.

Quality Design Means a Long Lasting Medium Incline Gymnastics Mat

Made with a solid foam core encased in a high-quality 18 oz. vinyl covering, these medium incline gymnastics wedge mats resist wear, tear, and ripping, even with frequent use. You will love how quickly and easily they wipe away sweat and debris with soap and water, and how these medium gymnastics wedges fold in half for easy storage, carrying, and for use as spotting blocks, obstacles, or as jumping platforms. Handles on both sides allow for quick and easy carrying and transport!

Choosing the Proper Incline Gymnastics Mat Size

As a general rule, a gymnast’s wedge mat should always be at least one foot longer than their height. This means that if a gymnast is 50” or shorter, the medium incline tumbling mat is a perfect fit. If they are taller than 50”, a large incline tumbling mat may be a better fit.

Multiple Color Options Available

From pink and purple to blue and neon green, and even multi-colored medium incline tumbling mats, We Sell Mats™ selection of medium gymnastics wedge mats are sure to appeal to any gymnasts, no matter their age or gender.

Medium Gymnastics Wedge Mats Aren’t Just for Gymnasts!

Whether you run a daycare or a children’s physical therapy office, a medium incline gymnastics mat can serve your students or clients in various ways. Younger children can challenge their balance and coordination while climbing and playing on these mats, while children in therapy can use these mats as support for positioning during a therapy session. If you have children at home, these mats also make great playtime activities to help them work on movement or support them while standing. Plus, it can help burn off energy during playtime! Combine these medium incline gymnastics mats with other types of gymnastics mats for even more tumbling fun both at home and at the gymnastics studio.

Preschool and Competition sizes are also available.


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