Large lime green/blue tumbling octagon
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Large Tumbling Octagon Mat

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We Sell Mats™ large gymnastics tumbling octagons offer the perfect level of support for novice and experienced gymnasts under 50” tall. Affordable, transportable, and optimal for home or club use, these high-quality skill shape trainers make it simple to practice technical movements any time, any place. Use our large octagon tumbling mats to practice and improve coordination, balance, walk-overs, handsprings, and more. 

Our small, medium, and large gymnastics octagon tumbling mats also make an excellent addition to therapy and sensory rooms, classrooms, and playrooms.

Gymnastics Octagon Tumbling Mat Product Specifications


Large octagon tumbling mats are constructed using high-quality foam wrapped in a durable 18 oz. vinyl cover, and fashioned with handy hook and loop fasteners for safe and secure connection with multiple gymnastics octagons or other skill shape trainers. Gymnastics octagons are extremely simple to clean, requiring only warm water and a gentle disinfectant, like this Husky vinyl cleaner. Allow time to air dry before use.


The dimensions of our large octagon tumbling mats are 30" x 30" x 32", and best for athletes under 50” tall. Choose from two multi-color styles of lime green/blue, or pink/purple, and pair your pick with one of our matching gymnastics mats for a cohesive floor mat setup.

If your gymnast requires a more age or size-appropriate tumbling octagon, be sure to check out our small gymnastics octagons and medium gymnastics octagons, described in a bit more detail below:

Octagon Tumbling Mat Dimensions & Recommended Ages:

Small:            20" x 20" x 24" Best for ages 3-5

Medium:        24" x 24" x 26" Best for ages 5-8. 

Large:           30" x 30" x 32" Best for athletes under 50" tall

Shop We Sell Mats™ large tumbling octagons today to find the perfect mats for your home or commercial gymnastics studio.


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