16 foot long black Jovian Air mat
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JOVIAN™ Air PRO Inflatable Mat - 8" Thick, 10' Long

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We Sell Mats™ 8” thick JOVIAN™ AIR PRO inflatable air mats are suitable for gymnasts and cheerleaders of all ages and disciplines to bounce higher and learn high impact routines on a comfortable and forgiving surface. Much like a trampoline, the JOVIAN™ AIR PRO inflatable mat Provides an excellent amount of shock absorption to feet, ankles, and knees and is available in 10  foot lengths and color choices of black, blue or purple. Need a bigger training surface? Use connectors (sold separately) to join multiple mats end to end, secured with hook and loop fasteners. 

Each mat is easy to inflate, deflate and roll up quickly and easily so you can take your training on-the-go, and comes with a manual foot pump so you never have to worry about outlets or power sources. However, if you prefer the convenience of an electric pump, We Sell Mats™ has those, too! Included in your mat purchase is also a patch kit and carrying bag. If you plan to use your inflatable air mat indoors or outdoors, choose a flat, smooth surface to practice on. When using outdoors, we recommend using a tarp underneath to protect against damage from rocks, pinecones, acorns or other objects that could puncture or otherwise damage the mat.

We Sell Mats™ wants you to feel secure about your purchase, which is why each mat has a 2 year manufacturer warranty covering defects found in the original construction, excluding normal wear and tear. For more details on the warranty, please view on our Terms of Sale page.

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