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Jovian purple air mat
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JOVIAN™ Air Inflatable Mat - 4" Thick, 10' or 16' Long

$295.99 - $407.99
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Number of tiles: 0 *Tiles measure 19.7" x 19.7". To achieve exact rug or room dimensions tiles may need to be cut.
Product Description

These 3.25" wide, 4" thick inflatable air mats are perfect for gymnastics, cheer practice, exercise and yoga. Bounce higher or complete a high impact exercise routine on this forgiving surface that provides ideal shock absorption, much like a trampoline, to feet, ankles, and knees. Choose from 10 foot long or 16 foot long in black, blue, or purple. Want more training area? Use connectors to join multiple mats end to end with secure hook and loop fasteners. (Connectors sold separately). 

Portable and easy to inflate/deflate quickly with dual valves, each mat comes with (1) manual foot pump, patch kit and carrying bag. Use indoor or outdoor on a flat, smooth surface at home or in the gym. When using outdoors, we suggest using a tarp underneath to protect the mats from rocks, acorns, pinecones, or other objects that could puncture or otherwise damage the mat.

*Feel secure in your purchase knowing that each mat has a 2 year manufacturer warranty which covers defects if the original construction. Please note that normal wear and tear are not included in this warranty. For more details on the warranty, please view on our Terms of Sale page.

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