Folding and Interlocking Flooring Fitness Mats

We Sell Mats™ offers premier fitness and equipment mats  for all of your workouts. You deserve a comfortable and durable fitness mat for your personal daily fitness. Find the best mat for any way you work out; whether you’re into body weight exercises, light weight lifting, or a combination of both We Sell Mats™ has what you need. Need to take your workout on the go? You’ll love our folding fitness mats! We offer the best selection of workout mats and home gym mats for large floor surfaces and smaller workout area spaces. Choose from designer Forest Floor® printed interlocking foam floor mats, personal mats of varying sizes and materials, or commercial rubber flooring. Don’t wait, order the perfect mats for you at values second-to-none!

Interlocking Fitness Mats

We Sell Mats™ sells the best interlocking fitness mats on the market. Forest Floor® printed interlocking foam mats are the perfect solution to anyone who wants a comfortable, stylish workout space that matches their home or business. We Sell Mats™ offers attractive and realistic wood grain patterns printed on comfortable interlocking foam mats. These fitness floor mats interlocking capabilities are easy to assemble over any hard, flat indoor surface. They can be assembled as whole tiles or you can easily trim the tiles for wall-to-wall installation. Made of high density, extra thick EVA foam tile measuring 24”x24” and either 3/8” or 5/8” thick means you’ll be working out on a comfortable, forgiving surface.

Choose from our quality interlocking foam fitness mats available in several colors, styles, patterns and thicknesses. We carry designer Forest Floor® printed foam mats, premium carpet top mats, multipurpose mats, rubber topped mats, martial arts mats, personal exercise mats and commercial coin top PVC interlocking floor tiles. We Sell Mats™ have something for everyone! Karate kids everywhere will love the feel of a shock absorbing mat with an authentic tatami textured surface to practice  self defense moves at the dojo or at home. Enjoy the comfortable workout area when you workout on any one of our interlocking fitness mats.

Personal Exercise Mats &  Commercial Flooring

Choose from 2’x6’ personal exercise mat or 4’x6’, 4’x8’ or 4’x10’  folding exercise mat that best works for you and your family. Enjoy the 18oz vinyl covering that is easy to wash, just use soap and water! Configure your mats with full perimeter hook and loop fasteners that allow you to securely assemble multiple mats together. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns when you purchase a 4’x6’ folding exercise mat and enjoy the four panel fold down for easy storage. We Sell Mats™ believes in quality products that work for you, no matter the space! Find the perfect exercise mat for your home today!

We Sell Mats™ has the lightweight and heavy duty options perfect for gyms or your home gym. Non-slip PVC floor tiles and commercial grade rubber flooring are easy to assemble and their dual-layer design protects your floors from dropping weights or heavy equipment. PVC equipment fitness mats lay down and move easily so you can move it where you need it. HIIT the ground running with easy to install, heavy duty PVC tiles for your gym. Assemble your new, durable protective gym flooring in your business, garage, basement, or wherever else you want to get your sweat on. Choose between 11 different colors in either a smooth or coin top finish for a personalized gym experience.