Daycare Mats

Your number one mission as daycare owner is to keep your little ones safe. With We Sell Mats™ daycare mats you’ll not only keep them safe while they have fun, but give them a comfortable space to play, learn and interact with other children. From sensory floor mats to interlocking foam floor tiles and tumbling mats, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect mats for your kiddos. Plus, with our various sizes and thicknesses you’ll have no problem finding the daycare mats to match your space!

Interlocking Foam Daycare Mats

We Sell Mats™ interlocking floor mats are the ideal daycare mats to keep your daycare students safe and comfortable all day long. Designed with an anti-fatigue EVA foam, multi-purpose mats provide a long lasting cushioned support to lessen the impact on little ones knees, elbows and feet while playing. Plus, you’ll love how comfortable your knees and legs feel while you clean up toys after a long day! Choose from over 14 colors and multiple thicknesses for daycare mats tailored to your needs.

Looking for interlocking foam mats with a little more class? Our Forest Floor® wood grain floor  mats may just be the mats for you! Available in various colors and styles, you’ll love how easy it is to transform your floors from cold tiles to look like oak, slate, bamboo, cork or other hardwood colors in a matter of seconds! These floor mats can be assembled as whole tiles and are easy to trim for a wall-to-wall installation. 

Sensory Room Floor Mats

Give your daycare students the fun and safe surfaces they want with We Sell Mats™ sensory and gymnastics tumbling mats. Our colorful designs and soft foam surfaces will be sure to spark interest in kids of every age, enticing them to play, climb, roll and balance on octagons, incline mats and tumbling mats of various sizes. Mix and match your colors for a fun and lively space, or stick with one color for a uniformed look. Choose from multiple sizes of all mats and enjoy how fast and easy each type of mat is to pack away and transport. All sensory room mats are coated with a durable vinyl covering which is easy to wipe clean and sanitize.

Daycare Mat Sanitizer 

One aspect of keeping your daycare students safe is ensuring they have sanitary equipment and toys to play with. That’s why We Sell Mats™ is proud to offer our Husky vinyl mat cleaner, a neutral disinfectant cleaner that cleans and sanitizes your vinyl-covered mats in one easy step. This sanitizing solution is effective against many viruses, fungi and bacteria, including Staph, Influenza-A, HIV-1, Strep and MRSA. You’ll love how this sanitizer also inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and funky odors.