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Your Very Own Home Gym

Posted by admin on Sep 25th 2017

It’s a sad truth, but a lot of folks think they can’t afford a home gym because the gym flooring, equipment, and required space would just be too much. We’ve got good news: you can put a workout space in your home in a very small amount of space (you choose the equipment), and the flooring can be durable, shock-absorbing, and affordable.

Creating a space in your home for a good workout can be a simple as unfolding a personal fitness mat, or covering the floor of a dedicated space in EVA foam multi-purpose mats. It just depends on the space you have or are willing to use, and the purpose you have for the space. In just minutes, you can connect the interlocking multi-purpose mats yourself and get started on your new home workout right away. The mats assemble for an island configuration with straight edge pieces for a smooth, finished look, or can be assembled wall-to-wall if you have the space to give. You really don’t need much space – think about a corner of the basement, or maybe clearing out a section of the garage. If the middle of the living room floor or the space at the foot of your bed is all you can spare, the personal fitness mat is just the right size. It’s cushioned surface will handle any body weight, yoga, or pilates exercises while giving you support and padding to make the workout last as long as you want.

If you’re really serious about a home gym, maybe using machines or lifting weights, we’ve got you (and your floor) covered there, too: our commercial rubber tiles are the best at protecting floors, absorbing shock, and providing support for your joints. They lock together just like the multi-purpose mats, and are slip-resistant so you can be sure of secure footing.

Purchasing our multi-purpose mats is as easy as measuring your space and choosing the amount you want. When it comes to the exercise mats, just pick a size and a color. You’ll never have to spend money on more than you need and certainly nothing on professional installation. A home gym is within your reach – give our customer service people a shout if you need help with ordering. We have some of the most knowledgable and friendly service people in the business and it’s their job to make sure you get just what you want the first time.