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Your Route to Daycare Provider of the Year

Your Route to Daycare Provider of the Year

Posted by admin on Mar 7th 2016

Daycare flooring takes a beating worse the the turf at the Super Dome. For 10-12 hours a day the floor of your daycare business is spilled on, picked at, has all manner of bodily fluids deposited on it, and is still expected to look pristine the next morning. If you were a floor and that were your job description, you’d probably look for work elsewhere! But our EVA foam mats are up to the challenge. Customer testimonials tell us over and over again that the foam mats make their daycare facilities safer, more attractive, and easier to care for.

If your facility is like many others, you’re providing childcare in a building set squarely on a concrete slab – not a great surface for kids to play on, but the addition of some colorful EVA foam mats can transform your space into a warm, welcoming, and nurturing environment. Imagine the look on parents’ faces when they’re inspecting your facility as a candidate for their child’s daycare. They walk into a colorfully floored room, maybe with some letters and numbers in the floor, and as they step onto the surface, they realize it’s actually softer than carpeting! Now that’s a safe environment they can trust. New client family secured!

Our interlocking EVA foam mats are the perfect floor for daycare settings for no other reason than they’re exactly what parents use in their own homes for playrooms and kids’ bedrooms. You can install them yourself without professional assistance or toxic adhesives, they can be taken up easily and reconfigured when your spatial needs change, and they clean up quickly and easily. You can sweep debris from the surface or use a suction vacuum, then mop or wipe down with only a little water and mild detergent. Some daycare facilities use disinfectants on the mats, but be sure to test how a mat will react to your choice of disinfectant before applying to the whole floor. It would be a great comfort to parents to recognize your flooring as something they have (or would like to have!) in their own homes.

It’s easy to be the hero as a daycare provider when your facility is covered in soft, supportive, and easily maintained EVA foam mats. Word-of-mouth is a powerful reference, and your parents will quickly be referring you and your facility to their friends!