Yoga Mats - Thick or Thin?

Yoga Mats - Thick or Thin?

Posted by admin on May 25th 2016

Your yoga practice is unique to you, just as it should be. Why on earth, then, would you use a yoga mat that isn’t just as unique? We’re not talking about personality here, although our yoga mats can definitely reflect your own tastes, but rather about the quality of the mat and how it meets your particular needs.

The standard yoga mat is 3mm thick. This offers the bare minimum of cushioning between you and the hard floor beneath you, just taking the edge off and providing a clean surface. For many, this is ample padding. It cushions ever-so-slightly, but doesn’t compromise your ability to get a feel for the floor and maintain balance.

Maybe you’ve tried the 3mm mats at the gym or yoga studio and found them to be adequate, but wished for maybe just a little more softness from the mat. Our 5mm yoga mats provide exactly that. You still feel supported in balancing poses, but have just a little more padding for those points that feel the most pressure from the floor. Lots of people new to yoga find the 5mm mats to be a great place to start.

If you want to go full-comfort, take a look at our 8mm yoga mat. The Sol Premium Dry-Grip yoga mat offers the maximum amount of cushioning without actually being a mattress. Seriously. This is one comfortable mat. And its fabric-like texture will make sure you stay in place, no slipping or sliding. When you’re in the market for the most comfort and support, the Sol Premium mat is exactly what you’re looking for.

Get the most out of your yoga practice by making sure you’re working on the right yoga mat. With different thickness and textures, we’re sure we have the right one just for you!