Yoga Mats Make Perfect Gifts!

Yoga Mats Make Perfect Gifts!

Posted by admin on Dec 9th 2015

Few gifts rank up there with a new yoga mat. It’s just right in so many ways. It supports a healthful lifestyle, facilitates harmony and well-being, and lasts long after most gifts have hit the storage closet or garbage (like that set of Santa glasses from your mother-in-law). Let us help you find the perfect mat to make gift-giving easy!

Buying a yoga mat for a beginner is a piece of cake. A 5mm yoga mat is a nice, soft way to get started. You can choose from solids or patterns and even get one in a material that helps avoids slips. 5mm is just enough padding to make it comfortable enough for beginners to spend time on the floor, helping get used to postures and poses, and keeping it comfortable enough to make it through a whole session. And because we sell Gaiam® yoga mats, you can be assured the mat will be durable, kind of like the gift that keeps on giving.

Now if the person receiving your gift has already spent some time on the yoga mat, a new 3mm mat might be just the thing. These mats allow a greater sense of the floor beneath you when you practice, enabling balance in trickier postures. The beautiful array of colors and patterns ensures you’ll find one to match the special person to whom you’re giving it.

For a seriously durable, non-slip, hot yoga type mat, we recommend either the Athletic Dry-Grip or the Sol Premium Dry-Grip mat. When hands and feet perspire, postures become a little more dangerous. The last thing a yogi needs is an injury that prevents yoga from happening at all! These high-tack mats will help keep the practitioner in place even though the Nile is running down his or her back. These are some seriously good mats.

Should your gift ever need attention, or even if you’d like help ordering, our customer service folks are ready and able to help. We believe gifts should be affordable, top-quality, and tailored to fit, and we’re ready to help you find just what you need.