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Yoga Gear for Every Need

Posted by admin on Jul 24th 2015

Gaiam® Yoga Gear

Yoga can take on many forms, whether it’s a meditative, stress-relieving part of your day or a high-energy, heavy metal-fueled cardio workout (totally a real thing – we’re not making it up. If you’re not crazy about the idea of relaxing and doing cardio simultaneously, give it a try). One thing nearly every style of yoga has in common is a lot of interaction with the floor. That means an increased risk of discomfort or injury depending on whether or not you’ve got appropriate equipment, and by appropriate equipment, we totally mean our fantastic selection of yoga mats.

We’re all sorts of excited to be carrying Gaiam® yoga mats, as they fully meet our high standards of quality and affordability. They’re going to last you a good long while, they’re convenient and easy to clean, the prints are stylish and attractive, and there are tons of different options to choose from. They’ll vary in thickness and texture, so whether you’ve got a sweaty grip (or a high-intensity yoga workout that induces perspiration) or smoother, dryer palms, or a preference for thicker or thinner mats, we’ve got you covered. We’ve even got athletic mats which cover greater area which is perfect for an athletic practice or taller yogis.

We’re even carrying Gaiam’s DuraBlock yoga block and MaxStrap for enhancing your yoga gear (or, yogear, if you will) collection beyond mats and stretchy pants. As always, you’ll receive your order via the excellent FedEx Ground default shipping method, but you’ve got expedited options as well if you need it in a rush. Not sure if we can ship to your location? Contact us and we can usually hook you up. We use a service called I-Parcel that even allows payment in non-US currencies. So shop away, and like us on Facebook for a 5% discount on your order and access to other sales and discounts!