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Yoga for Tight Traps (Neck and Shoulder Pain)

Posted by admin on Jul 15th 2015

painful trapezius muscle

Tight trapezius muscles cause debilitating shoulder and neck pain, not to mention the resultant headache, but with some good yoga stretches and a little help from a yoga strap, you can free yourself of these tight muscles in just a few minutes a day.

Neck and shoulder pain is all too common for those of us working with our hands and arms all day. Anyone who sits at a computer will testify to the corkscrew-ike muscle tension that can build up at the base of the neck and travel down the spine. Musicians and instrumentalists, hair dressers and barbers, shelf stockers and florists will all confirm that the repetitive motion involving the arms held in front of the body conducts tension and pain directly to the trapezius muscles in the back. It’s a tough spot to stretch, so we’re very happy to share a great stretch with you to make your day end on a happier note.

Learning to stretch and relax all your muscles is a great idea, so if you haven’t purchased one of our fantastic Gaiam® yoga mats and joined a class, we highly recommend that as a first step. But if you just want a little boost to relieve that pain in the middle of the day, try taking a yoga strap to the trap! Run the strap horizontally just beneath your shoulder blades, bringing the ends to the front of your body, then drop them up over your shoulders behind you. Reach behind you and cross the ends of the straps (you’ve made an “x” behind you with the strap), then pull the ends to the front of your body. Pass the end of the strap through the rings of the other end and tighten. You should feel your shoulders pull together and your chest lift. You can tighten as much or as little as you like and even continue your work at the computer or wherever.

This is a great release technique that you can do with a long belt you might have lying around, but we recommend our Athletic Yoga MaxStrap for three very important reasons: 1) It’s designed to withstand a lot of tugging and tightening, 2) It’s much longer than a belt for clothing, and even longer than many other yoga straps, 3) You can leave your own belt in your pants and not worry about them falling off!

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