Faux Wood Grain and Carpet Top Foam Flooring for Your Business

Posted by admin on Aug 29th 2014

A good business owner is always on the lookout for ways to make a product or service more attractive. And part of what makes customers choose to buy something is the experience they have in doing so. Displays, lighting, atmosphere, and customer service all play important roles in selling a product, but did you ever stop to consider that the flooring you and your customers are walking on might have something to do with it, too?Remember the 2000 film,What Lies Beneath, with Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer? It wasn’t a movie about flooring, but it sure could have been! What lies beneath your feet and your customers’ feet can make or break a sale or business – and that’s truly horrifying. Clerks and sales reps who are on their feet all day on a hard concrete floor will naturally exhibit signs of fatigue, and that can affect your bottom line. Why not impress the customers and relieve the employees with some handsome, shock-absorbing faux wood grain foam flooring? Faux wood grain is an outstanding alternative to energy-draining concrete; its anti-fatigue cushioning will have customers shopping longer and employees begging for overtime. Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but foam flooring will most definitely make your establishment one that leaves a good impression.

Our beautiful carpet top foam mats are another option to consider for retail or commercial applications. Trade show veterans will tell you that hauling carpet rolls all over the country is a royal pain, even if it makes the booth and product more attractive. Foam carpet top mats are lightweight, easy to transport, simple to assemble, and a breeze to maintain. Give your product an edge at the next fair or trade show by presenting it in an attractive, luxurious-looking venue. Choose the area you need to cover, then select a color. Our carpet mats come in single tiles or packs of 24 sq. foot or 100 sq. foot packs. You’re assured to order only what you need.

Give your business a boost – improve your presentation, make the customers take notice, and give the employees another reason to love working for you: professional, supportive, and thoroughly attractive faux wood grain or carpet top foam flooring!