What Your Martial Arts Practice Needs

Posted by admin on Jan 26th 2018

The best way to get the most out of the instruction you receive at the martial arts studio is to extend the time you practice, and the best way to do that is to bring it home and practice on your own martial arts mats. It won’t cost a small fortune to install some thick, textured, shock-absorbing mats in a space at home, whether large or small, and your progress will move to the fast track.

Our Tatami finish martial arts mats have it all. You can choose the thickness that’s most appropriate for your style, the ribbed surface offers maximum traction (a must in martial arts), and the EVA foam from which they’re made will take the edge off those falls and mishaps. If you’re a seasoned martial artist, and an adult, you might not want too much padding. For you, the 1/2″ martial arts mats may just be ample padding to keep you going. But if you want a little extra protection, there are the 3/4″ mats to take that extra impact. If you want maximum padding, or if kids will be using the mats, you’ll love the 1″ thick martial arts mats. These mats offer the most padding, the most protection, and the most resiliency for you as an artist.

The Tatami finish of our martial arts mats mimics the look and feel of the rice straw mats for which they are named. But of course since they’re made of EVA foam, they offer a lot more comfort than a rice straw mat! The textured surface allows for more surface area for your feet to grab. This translates into a more secure footing from which to launch whatever move you have in mind.

If you’ve decided to cover a rather large area in your home with martial arts mats, you should take a look at our Jumbo martial arts mats. Same material, same texture, but larger mat. This makes it easier to cover more square footage in less time and with fewer seams. For all our martial arts mats, we recommend using some carpet tape on the underside to prevent slipping. The whole installation process is something you can do yourself, no professional installation required, and your home martial arts practice area will be up and running in mere minutes.

To put your martial arts practice on a faster track, install some EVA foam martial arts mats in your home and continue to practice your art whenever you feel like it.